John McEnroe Announces he will Coach Milos Raonic

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John McEnroe is set to return to the ATP tour. The latest legend to join the ranks of the “Super Coach”, McEnroe announced on Eurosport that he will be joining the Canadian’s team as a consultant during Wimbledon.

With three Wimbledon titles to his name and seven Major titles in total, the American has been brought on board specifically for the grass court Grand Slam. McEnroe’s brand of serve and volley tennis will bring a new element to Milos Raonic‘s game.

John McEnroe Announces he will Coach Milos Raonic

What the American did in his prime cannot be taught, but anything that the former World #1 can bring to the Canadian’s game has got to be a plus.

Roanic has a full-time day to day coach Ricardo Piatti, but added to the team this year is French Open Champion Carlos Moya, who was brought in as a consultant. Traveling with the team for around 15 weeks of the year, Moya will be mostly used for the Slams.

The Spaniard himself reached the fourth round of Wimbledon once in his career, whilst the American won the trophy three times. McEnroe was a wizard around the net, something that is not too evident in the game of Raonic.

With the focus currently on the French Open for the Canadian, it is believed that the news was not meant to have broken yet, but when did McEnroe ever stick to the rules? Even the way the American announced it was out of the ordinary.

This should certainly make things very interesting, as McEnroe has limited experience of coaching. The stint as the Davis Cup captain was not particularly successful; the former World #1 has not ventured into coaching concentrating more on commentating.

Still, as a one-Slam experiment this is certainly worth trying, especially as Raonic’s results at Slams have been improving, but he has not quite been able to get over the hump and make consistent deep runs.

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