Who Starts at Quarterback for the Eagles Week One?

With the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Carson Wentz, a can’t miss quarterback out of North Dakota State. The front office traded the farm to acquire the second pick so they could snag Wentz, which angered starting quarterback Sam Bradford. Bradford has made headlines around the league by requesting a trade after finding out that the Eagles wanted to draft Wentz. Bradford’s decision was fueled by anger and fear of losing his starting job that he had worked so hard to get. His demand has led to an interesting situation for the Eagles. Who should be the quarterback for the Eagles Week 1?

If Sam Bradford really keeps up with his stats, he should know that he is not good enough to demand a trade because he is scared of the new rookie quarterback in the locker room. Bradford threw for a rookie type year with only 3,725 yards last season with 19 passing touchdowns to a ridiculous 14 interceptions. Bradford’s numbers would have landed him in hot water with any team in the league so the Eagles taking Wentz should have come as little surprise to Bradford, but apparently he thought he was the man for the job. The reason for Bradford’s inflated confidence is most likely due to the ridiculous contract he was given just weeks before the draft. Bradford is being paid as an elite quarterback with none of the stats to match. Bradford’s demand for a trade has made him the butt of many jokes throughout the league and rightfully so with numbers that would land him on the bench for any team in the upper half of the league.

The other man in this daytime drama is Carson Wentz, the good ole boy from Fargo. As I mentioned earlier, the Eagles traded up to the second overall pick to take this big armed prospect from FCS powerhouse North Dakota State. Wentz was taken as a long-term option for the Eagles and will most likely sit on the sidelines and learn from either Bradford or Chase Daniel in the coming season or even two. Making Wentz sit could turn out to be the best thing for Wentz since he would have ample time to become acclimated to the league and learn from a couple of quarterbacks who have been around for a while. In the long haul, sitting would be the best thing for Wentz and the Eagles because it is rare to see a quarterback step into the league and immediately take the reigns with success. Wentz would have made a fine backup for a few years then an even better franchise starter once he got his chance. He just needed a mentor and the Eagles were hoping that Bradford would be that mentor, but apparently Bradford is not satisfied with teaching his replacement.

The man to watch throughout this whole ordeal is the man who has kept his mouth shut, Chase Daniel. Daniel has played in the NFL for eight years with two (now three) different teams and he has only one career touchdown to show for it. Daniel is a typical lifelong NFL backup, or is he? Daniel has made his way through New Orleans sitting behind a Hall of Famer in Drew Brees and he began his tour in Kansas City backing up Pro Bowler Alex Smith. However, Daniel’s most recent stop in Philadelphia may just be the best thing for his career. Whether Bradford gets his wish and gets traded or is made to stick around and suffer with the Eagles, Daniel may get his shot to become the starting quarterback for the Eagles. The Eagles spent a lot of money to get Daniel and obviously saw potential to become a starter. If Bradford is traded, Daniel will be thrust into the starting role because it seems the Eagles want Wentz to sit out no matter who is ahead of him in order to learn the ins and outs of the NFL. Daniel has shown potential to be a starter in the league through his impressive career as a pre-season quarterback. Even if Bradford sticks around he may let this Wentz situation affect his play, which will open the door for Daniel to sneak in and become the head guy in the Philadelphia quarterback room.

Only time will tell what is going to happen in Philadelphia. No matter which way this situation turns, it looks as if it will be interesting. Philly has done it again this season and turned a lackluster NFL team into must-see football through locker room controversy and juicy headlines. Daniel needs to lay low and jump when an opportunity presents itself and he will be solidified as the starter for the Eagles. Though neither Daniel nor Bradford are the long-term option for the Eagles, they can still go out and show what they can offer for other teams and teach Carson Wentz along the way. All eyes will be on Philly through the off-season and pre-season to find out who is going to be the quarterback for the Eagles in Week One of the NFL campaign.

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