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Examining the Ryan Mason Transfer Rumors

The Ryan Mason transfer to Sunderland mustn't go through. Spurs must nurture their English, homegrown talent and take advantage of Mason's assets .

The Ryan Mason transfer to Sunderland must not go through; Tottenham Hotspur should retain and nurture their academy graduates. The major challenge to this view is whether he is good enough for the first team. Arguably, he is at least a solid squad player to rely on, with great loyalty and commitment to the club.

In modern day football, the use of academy graduates has dwindled. However, Mauricio Pochettino’s reign at the club has really allowed young talent to flourish. He first gave Mason a chance in the Capital One Cup game against Nottingham Forest, where he scored a rocket to ensure his starting position against Arsenal in the following match. From there, he became an important first team player.

Examining the Ryan Mason Transfer Rumors

Since his injury, as well as the arrival of Eric Dier, Dele Alli and the rejuvenation of Mousa Dembélé, Mason’s first-team opportunities have been limited. It is important that this academy graduate is not sold, as Pochettino must not dispel the newfound identity of the club. Homegrown players must be respected and not sold, as they will fight all the harder for their place for the club they’ve been playing for since youth level. On the other hand, selling Mason may give the chance for other youngsters to break through. After all, there are limited spaces for new blood. Yet, he is only 24 and still has room for development. Spurs’ future youth academy graduates can wait out on loan in the meantime.

The core of the Tottenham midfield has been Dier, Alli, and Dembélé this season. Meanwhile, Mason has had to watch mostly from the sidelines with only six league starts. This questions his ability to break through and become a part of the core.

A major opportunity has emerged for him due to Dembélé six-match suspension, which means he has as many games to prove his worth. Before any transfer deal is agreed, Pochettino should give him at least the final two matches to prove his ability. The erstwhile partnership between him and Nabil Bentaleb was a solid Premier League midfield. There is no reason why he can’t have a similar duo operating with Dier. Both midfielders are hard-working, can distribute the ball well and could interchange between attacking and defensive midfield positions if required.

Another reason why the Ryan Mason transfer deal must not go through is his loyalty and commitment. The club’s successful campaign can be largely attributed to the committed nature of the entire squad. He is another member that is equally or more committed than his fellows. Whilst Pochettino might bring in some prominent continental names, there has to be a balance between old and new. It’s likely that such illustrious players will want to prove themselves in the Premier League. But, it is concerning a more personal level, whereas, loyal players such as Mason primarily want to achieve success with their club. It’s this passion for the team that serves the entire squad so well.

Nationally, there is still a lack of English talent in the Premier League starting line-ups. It’s also very important that Mason stays at Spurs to ensure that English players are better represented in the Premier League. There are a number of instrumental English players in the squad and this must be preserved. The main reason for the success of any country’s national team is its players competing with and against each other in domestic leagues. This means that imports to the division will prevent young English talent breaking through. Whilst Mason would find more match time at Sunderland, it is important that the top English teams take the lead with domestic players.


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