Saint Louis FC Kick It Program Announced

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The following is a press release from Saint Louis FC of the USL.

FENTON, MO (May 3, 2016) – Saint Louis FC is launching a new program focusing on student fitness, health, and wellness. As a professional soccer franchise, Saint Louis FC feels a sense of responsibility to help in developing the community through enhancing the lives of local youth. Saint Louis FC “goals” are to inspire the next generation of athletes and motivate all students to make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

Saint Louis FC Kick It Program Announced

Students participating will sit in the best seats at World Wide Technology Soccer Park and watch the players during a day of practice, and will be up close to the action as Saint Louis FC players run drills. Later in the day, students will take the field themselves and receive the same training as the players, followed by an opportunity for autographs and photos with the players.

“Kick It” is a day devoted to emphasizing the value of whole-body wellness through physical fitness and education. Students will run drills and receive personal instruction from Saint Louis FC’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nick Caruso. They will also hear from Head Coach Dale Schilly on healthy eating habits, hard work, and how important this is to professional athletes and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Saint Louis FC aims to reinforce the healthy concepts that students already learn in school from their physical education and health teachers. Spending the day with professional athletes and trainers will be an exciting way to see these lessons in action.

The students attending the Saint Louis FC “Kick It” program will receive a complimentary ticket to an upcoming Saint Louis FC game to reward them for participating and to congratulate them on making a commitment to health and fitness.