CFL Mock Draft Version 3

With the NFL draft over, and with most players already signed to UDFA contracts or invited to mini-camps, it is now a bit more clear who will go where. Here’s the latest version of the Last Word On Sports CFL Mock Draft.

Round One

1. Saskatchewan – Josiah St. John, Offensive Lineman, Oklahoma

Many people thought Charles Vaillancourt was a lock to go first overall but after watching Josiah St. John play he looks really good and if Saskatchewan keeps the pick – a big if – St. John makes the most sense.

2. Montreal – Alex Singleton, Linebacker, Montana State

Singleton wasn’t even in my top three rounds in the previous mock draft because he was playing in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings then cut Singleton, which made him CFL draft eligible, and he will be a top five pick for sure. Singleton will boost Montreal’s linebacker corps and be a star on defense.

3. British Columbia – Charles Vaillancourt, Offensive Lineman, Laval

Many pegged Vaillancourt as the number one pick, but St. John skyrocketed to the top. With British Columbia invested in Jonathan Jennings, protecting him should be key.

4. Toronto – Tevaun Smith, Wide Receiver, Iowa

Smith has been in this spot since the very first mock draft. He signed a UDFA contract with the Colts, and it will be hard to make that team; Smith can help Ricky Ray out right away in the CFL and be a big time contributor.

5. Hamilton – Taylor Loffler, Defensive Back, UBC

Loffler was one of the stars in the combine and surpassed Arjen Colquhoun as the top defensive back available. Hamilton grabs an immediate starter in the secondary to help what is already one of the best defences in the game.

6. Calgary – Arjen Colquhoun, Defensive Back, Michigan State

Colquhoun signed an UDFA contract, but Calgary will take the risk that he doesn’t make it. He’ll land with Calgary and will be a star in the secondary and an immediate starter.

7. Ottawa – Philippe Gagnon, Offensive Lineman, Laval

Similar to Alex Mateas last year, Ottawa can develop Gagnon for a year and then he can join the starting lineup. With Mateas and Matt Albright possibly being in the starting lineup, the offensive line depth gets weaker. Gagnon can shore that up with this pick.

8. Edmonton – Michael Couture, Offensive Lineman, Simon Fraser

Couture skyrocketed up to the first round in many teams’ draft boards after his combine. Couture’s stock continues to rise and Edmonton can develop him for a year and start him the year after.

Round Two 

1. Winnipeg – Dillon Guy, Offensive Lineman, Buffalo

Winnipeg should be happy that Guy fell to them in the second round. With Winnipeg not having a first round pick, Guy will be an important selection for them as he can protect Willy right away. Don’t be surprised if Winnipeg doesn’t have this pick, though, as they aren’t done with trades.

2. Winnipeg – Elie Bouka, Defensive Back, Calgary

With Bouka attending the Arizona Cardinals camp it’s a bit risky taking him this early. However, his skill set alone is first round quality, and Winnipeg should gamble on Bouka getting cut and playing in the CFL.

3. Montreal – Brandon Revenberg, Offensive Lineman, GVSU

With Montreal already addressing defence in round one, they can look to draft an offensive lineman and take the best available in Revenberg.

4. British Columbia – Terrell Davis, Linebacker, UBC

B.C. arguably got the best offensive lineman available at pick three, but with defence still a concern, the Lions take Terrell Davis out of UBC to help out the linebackers.

5. Toronto – Anthony Thompson, Defensive Back, S. Illinois

This may be considered a reach, but Thompson is a solid defensive back and he may not be there at Toronto’s next pick, so they’ll grab him in round two to help out their secondary.

6. Hamilton – Brian Jones, Wide Receiver, Acadia

Hamilton needs weapons for Zach Collaros after losing Sinkfield for the NFL. Jones is the best available receiver and Hamilton will be glad to get him.

7. Calgary – Mercer Timmis, Running Back, Calgary

Calgary gets their guy in Timmis. Before the combine many pegged Timmis to go in the first round to Calgary. With Jon Cornish no longer around, the Stamps will look to Timmis to be his replacement.

8. Ottawa – Trent Corney, Defensive End, Virginia

Ottawa needs depth at defensive lineman and Corney provides that for Ottawa in the second round. He can be a rotational player in 2016.

9. Edmonton – Llevi Noel, Wide Receiver, Toronto

Edmonton is a fairly complete team already. Getting a Canadian wide receiver is a good ratio move, allowing the Eskimos to dress an American elsewhere.

Round Three

1. Hamilton – Rubert Butcher, Nose Tackle, Western

With Bryan Hall leaving to Toronto and Hickman released, Butcher can help provide insurance behind Ted Laurent.

2. Winnipeg – Jason Lauzon-Seguin, Offensive Lineman, Laval

Winnipeg already drafted an offensive lineman but Winnipeg needs to keep Willy upright this year. If Lauzon-Seguin is still waiting by the third round, he could be a steal for Winnipeg.

3. Montreal – Juwan Brescacin, Wide Receiver, N. Illinois

Montreal has arguably the top two receivers in the CFL in Duron Carter and S.J. Green. Adding Brescacin would be huge as he can develop and learn from those two and eventually start for Montreal.

4. British Columbia – Curtis Newton, Linebacker, Guelph

The Lions would have already added a linebacker in Terrell Davis but if Newton is still available he will be a strong pick. The Lions will take whoever the top player available is, as they need help all over the field.

5. Toronto – Sean Jamieson, Offensive Lineman, Western

Toronto has yet to add an offensive lineman in the draft. With Jamieson still there it is a no-brainer to draft him and develop him.

6. Hamilton – Quinn Van Gylswyk, Punter/Kicker, UBC

Hamilton still doesn’t have a kicker after Justin Medlock left. They Will look to draft the best kicker available and hope he becomes the starter in Hamilton.

7. Saskatchewan – Quinn Horton, Nose Tackle, Simon Fraser

Saskatchewan needs a lot of help on the line. Chris Jones can plug Horton into the middle to stop the run and will hope that he becomes a major pass threat as well to help out the defensive line.

8. Ottawa – Josh Woodman, Defensive Back, Western

Ottawa needs help in the secondary and with Woodman still there it would be a huge grab to get the Canadian defensive back next season.

9. Saskatchewan – Doug Corby, Wide Receiver, Queens

The Riders will hope that the Canadian receiver can contribute in the passing game a little. At 6’2″, Corby has the size that Chris Jones needed. He also averaged over 100 yards per game last season for Queens, exactly the offensive threat Chris Jones can install.

Honourable Mentions

Zachary Intzandt, Offensive Lineman, McMaster

David Onyemata, Defensive End, Manitoba

Declan Cross, Fullback, McMaster

Kadeem Adams, Offensive Lineman, Western

Joshua Stanford, Wide Receiver, Kansas


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