Harry Kane's Potential For Spurs and England

Harry Kane’s potential could be summarised by quoting his club manager, Mauricio Pochettino: “Harry Kane, for me, is one of the best strikers in the world. Today, again, he showed I am not wrong.” This illustrates how far he has come in just two full Premier League seasons. He has the potential to achieve world-class status.

As it stands, he has scored 22 goals and is the Premier League’s top goal scorer. So far, in the last two seasons, he has reached and exceeded Premier League goal scoring records for his club. This remarkable achievement must be built upon. Kane’s goals must be taken in context, as a sterling achievement for himself and his club, but something he has to build on to reach his full potential; he is not yet comparable to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has now scored more Premier League goals in one season than any other Spurs player, eclipsing the likes of Teddy Sheringham and Gareth Bale, the latter of whom can very much be considered world-class. The challenge for him now is to maintain his consistency and to add to his ability, as he is still very young as a footballer.

Spurs are almost certainly destined for Champions League football at last. This gives Kane a great chance to emerge on the world scene. He is yet to prove his mettle in the most illustrious club tournament in the world. His reputation cannot go much further until he has made a major contribution in Europe’s premier competition.

Depending on the club’s summer transfer policy, some quality players may be attracted by the lure of Champions League football. Such players will only benefit him by helping score more often or by giving him a rest when needed. By increasing the quality around a player, the player himself can reach a higher level. This will greatly help Kane in his quest to win trophies; something as important as scoring goals.

Very often, players have to move clubs to fully reach their potential. This may not be the case for Kane as his growth as a footballer has been matched by his club’s recent progress so far. The modern game has ended fairytale stories where players stay at a club because of their love and joy for the club. But Tottenham offer him the chance to improve personally and to help them reach heights never reached before.

Roy Hodgson should be salivating at Kane’s potential for England. Whilst he may have other in-form and top quality strikers at his disposal, such as Jamie Vardy, Kane is the one of the youngest and most promising strikers in the England squad. He already has a good record, scoring four goals in ten matches. He poses a threat to any defence he plays against and will undoubtedly prove himself on the international stage. Euro 2016 could be the start of a move to another level in his career as he pits himself against the continent’s best.

Kane has had two full Premier League seasons and has a long way to go yet. Despite this, he has shown his fantastic ability to score goals coupled with a relentless work rate. For as long as he avoids the temptation to become too comfortable with his current form, he has the potential to be one of the best striker’s in the world for both club and country.



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