Zlatan Ibrahimović in the Premier League

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Sweden’s most recent phenomenal striker, Zlatan Ibrahimović, has been showing Ligue 1 how it’s done for some time. Since 2012, Ibrahimović has donned a rich navy jersey for French giants, Paris Saint-Germain, and has since swanned around with his immaculately-tied man bun and air of arrogance. Among the squad of familiar household names from across the globe, such as Thiago Silver, David Luiz, Ángel Di María and Kevin Trapp, the Swedish international has raised the bar and been a huge success.

However, rumours circulating of late have flaunted the idea of Ibrahimović moving across Europe and up to England, where the feisty upper echelons of the Premier League would await. As anticipated, there has been much speculation.

Currently, PSG have 80 points and are breezing through the league table, and have already wrapped up a fourth successive league title. Monaco sit in second place, with a mere 55 points, making Laurent Blanc’s men look even more staggering on paper, let alone on the pitch.

In 26 matches, Ibrahimović has massively contributed to the rate of play, netting a whopping 30 goals and assisting on 11 occasions. From an attacker, this is exactly what a manager, a team and the fan base wants. It’s really no surprise that other clubs might be silently scouting and taking a look at their finances to see whether they could place a bid. From Ibrahimović’s perspective, he’s had an incredible few campaigns with PSG, so a new challenge would be welcomed.

Some seem sceptical about precisely whether he would gel efficiently with the rest of the team, and whether he would really be well suited to the Premier League. What you don’t get in France, Germany and Spain all too often is a real yo-yo effect, with teams racing for the title and being praised heroes one week and the victims of a savvy counter-attack the next. For that reason, it does take a certain kind of resilience to respect the character of the game in England, and recognise that you must be buoyant enough to carry on, even in the eyes of defeat.

As Ibrahimović has often been renowned for his hot-headedness, perhaps another Diego Costa – albeit on a lesser scale – would not be ideal. Conversely though, bad reactions show that a player cares, so the hunger and motivation that PSG’s talisman has could be pivotal.

Thierry Henry is one man that has spoken out about how strongly he feels Ibrahimović would be an asset to the Premier League. Even though the wage demands of Ibrahimović might be slightly outrageous, and given that he is 34, which is fairly old by footballing standards, he still has a lot to offer. The statistics from his season so far is ample evidence for that. Why not jump across to a different league for the last leg of a career?

Manchester City boss, Manuel Pellegrini, has also been another to state that Ibrahimović could thrive anywhere. This certainly does seem to be true. It has also been tried and tested with various major players through the years, most recently and notably including German heavyweights, Mesut Özil and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Interestingly, Ibrahimović has been linked to Arsenal and Manchester United. Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet though.

It will be enthralling to see how the transfer window unfolds again this summer; Zlatan Ibrahimović could well accept a move to England and we could see the Premier League shake-up yet again. He would be very well matched to the game in the English division.