MLS Pick 'Em 2016 – Week 3 – DC United v. Colorado Rapids

MLS Pick ‘Em 2016 – Week 3 – DC United v. Colorado Rapids

Two weeks in the books and now the standings are starting to take shape in both MLS and our expert Pick ‘Em league. Matt and Eric hold the top spots for now, while half of the experts are still looking for their first points of the season. The 2-2 draw last week between NYCFC and Toronto FC was perfectly predicted by Mr. Matt Pollard, and the rest of the experts laid a big goose egg. Still, it’s early days, and anything can happen. Here are the current standings:

Player Points Correct Outcome Incorrect Correct Score
Eric Walcott 3 1 1 1
Matt Pollard 3 1 1 1
Joseph Goldstein 1 1 1 0
Alec Rivera 1 1 1 0
Joe Hojnacki 1 1 1 0
Russ McKenzie 0 0 2 0
Ned Joyce 0 0 2 0
Daniel Sperry 0 0 2 0
Laura McFayden 0 0 2 0

This week, DC United opens up at home to the Colorado Rapids. DC is still looking for their first win, while Colorado is looking to keep the momentum rolling after a gutsy 1-0 over the aged LA Galaxy. Will Black and Red find a way to get some goals at home, or will Colorado show they have moved past their perennial underachiever label.

Expert Pick Comments

Joseph Goldstein



Colorado is the kind of team DC is going to hate playing this year. Their counter attacks will nullify each other, but I like the Rapids picking up the points against what I feel is the worst team in the East so far.

Eric Walcott



Don’t be fooled by Colorado beating the Galaxy, they’re still not very good. DC might or might not be better, but they aren’t clicking yet, so it’ll be a boring draw.

Alec Rivera



#bennyball tactics are tapering off, but still make an appearance for DC when necessary. The revamped midfield will dictate the tempo of the match from the first minute, with DC earning numerous chances. United’s biggest problem has been capitalizing on their chances throughout 2016. Acosta gets his first goal of the season in a dazzling display at RFK.

Russ McKenzie



Regardless of DCs retooled midfield, one gets the sense that finishing is going to be a bigger issue than anyone is willing to admit. Colorado on the other hand has a lot going for them right now and they’re ready to push.

Ned Joyce



This is a different Rapids team than years before and DC hasn’t gelled yet. Rapids Come out swinging and badji, powers and Doyle light up whoever is in goal for DC this week

Matt Pollard



The Rapids got a huge confidence boost last weekend with a win over the LA Galaxy. D.C. showed last week that they can stifle teams that are still trying to fit the pieces together in the attack. United brings physically and continuity in defense that Colorado hasn’t seen yet this year. The Rapids also haven’t gone up against a player quit like Chris Rolfe this year. United will sit back and concede possession. The Rapids won’t be able to break them down, which will frustrate the young side. Rolfe creates a goal and #BennyBall gets out with their first win of the season.

Daniel Sperry



United have problems finishing, and so do Colorado. Issue is, Colorado still has a leaky defense. They won’t have their home altitude to give them an advantage. Espindola gets a goal and DC get win number 1.

Joe Hojnacki



DC will squeak one goal by and take all three points as Colorado’s lifeless attack fails to get anything going. Their big win over LA Galaxy last week was the result of a bunch of old men playing in altitude for the first time. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Rapids are actually good.

Laura McFayden



Colorado may have “impressed” with their win over the LA Geriatrics, but this isn’t in the mile high city. United have taken steps away from BennyBall and while they still have work to do, they’ll be the better side and have raccoon field advantage.”