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Loaded Questions Podcast – Episode 32 (James Holas Guest Stars To Talk All Things NBA)

The Loaded Questions Podcast returns for Episode 32! Adam is joined by the very first international guest on the podcast,'s James Holas.

The Loaded Questions Podcast returns for Episode 32! Adam is joined by the very first international guest on the podcast as’s James Holas joins to talk about the Celtics, Cavaliers, Thunder, Warriors, Spurs and how fascinating this summer will be. The top tiers of both conferences get covered, as they break it all down between the league’s best teams.

(00:00-16:00) – Eastern Conference

James and Adam break down:

– The outlook for the Boston Celtics, who might be the star who fits best?

– Can anyone challenge the Cavs, but do their stars really work well together?

– Are the Raptors legit?

(15:00-40:00) – Western Conference

– Why the James Harden trade was the right decision

– Are OKC a serious contender?

– Could KD join Golden State and why it makes sense

– Steph the undisputed best player on the planet?

– Do we take the Spurs for granted?

– This summer’s free agency frenzy

(40:00-Finish) – Whose Your Secret Pleasure Team?

Thanks for listening in & a big thankyou for first time guest James Holas. You can read his work at & follow him on Twitter @snottiedrippen hopefully he will appear again during playoff time or summer! Hit us up on our Twitter accounts @LoadedQsPodcast @adamjoseph_27 & send your questions & topics through to the pod! We appreciate all your support and feedback.

The Loaded Questions Podcast mainly discusses all the latest Premier League, NBA and NFL news. It varies based on the week, what has happened and what time of year. The Podcast itself is now split into two parts, one for American Sports and the other for European football. LQ generally airs on a Sunday, with an occasional special midweek edition when time permits! It’s available immediately via SoundCloud, iTunes and Last Word Radio. Follow the Podcast on Twitter @LoadedQsPodcast

Adam Joseph: Adam is a freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia. he became an avid Manchester United supporter back when they were the only team on television. Kevin Durant made him fall in love with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he is a diehard New England Patriots fan. If it’s a sport, chances are Adam will talk about it.

Troy Joseph: Passionate football follower, Arsenal til I die. NBA and Orlando Magic since Shaq started rocking rims in Florida. Though the Gunners and Magic are his main passion, Troy has a soft spot for the Philadelphia Eagles since Dawkins and Douglas destroyed offenses.

Ryan Barr: As a first generation Australian with Scottish parents he was born with Football in his blood. Not long after he witnessed Donovan McNabb turn the NFL’s toughest fan base from boos to cheers and had to be apart of the Philadelphia Eagles. Last but not least Kobe Bryant made him mesmerized with the game of Basketball and the LA Lakers.


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