Report: Indiana Pacers Sign Ty Lawson

After being brought out by the Houston Rockets on Monday, Ty Lawson is set to sign a deal with the Indiana Pacers. This season, Lawson is averaging a career low in all categories, but a new start might just be all he needs to get his career back on track.

When Ty Lawson was traded to the Rockets, it was felt that they had finally gotten their missing piece. Many felt they could possibly represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. But as everyone knows, the Lawson experiment was a disaster for Houston. Lawson is a player who needs to have the ball in his hands in order to be successful. He and James Harden could simply not find a way to coexist. With Harden also being a ball dominant player, the two could barely even play together at the same time. Lawson was supposed to help take some of the distributing burden off of Harden, but he essentially became another shooter to surround Harden with. He is not a consistent three-point shooter, which led to the bad situation. Although Lawson was liked in the locker room, it would not transition to the court.

Lawson will be a good fit for Indiana. He will probably be the second string point guard behind starter George Hill. This is certainly a better fit for Lawson. He will be able to have the ball in his hands a lot more and be the distributor we know he can be. Lawson was top five in assists during his years with the Denver Nuggets. He may not be able to produce those numbers because he is a backup now, but he can certainly produce at a high rate. It is almost impossible for Lawson to not put up better numbers considering the fact he has career low statistics this season.

With the Lawson acquisition, the Pacers will waive Chase Budinger in order to make room for Lawson. This is a pickup that could really help the Pacers come playoff time.