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UFC Fight Night Silva vs Bisping

If you don’t have UFC Fight Pass yet I would purchase it immediately! UFC Fight night Silva vs Bisping is going to be off the charts. Two men fighting to prove that they are still able to put together a great run in this cut throat sport! Let’s face it, these warriors need no introduction. If you have heard of the UFC, you have heard of Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Michael “The Count” Bisping. So, I’m just going to jump right into how I think this fight is going to play out.

There are two, very important, things on the line in this fight. The first being that Anderson wants to prove that he is still the greatest to ever enter the Octagon. His most recent win, over Nate Diaz, may have re-lit the fire inside of “The Spider”. Following his two devastating losses to Chris Weidman. He has mentioned frequently, leading up to the fight, that this is not a physical challenge any more. He feels fresh (and looks fresh from what I saw at the open workouts, for him it is now a mental battle. Anderson is bound and determined to prove that he can once again hold the middleweight title. He needs a win to prove to himself that he can take on the draining challenge of preparing for a world title run. And trust me, Michael Bisping will be no small task.

Which leads me to the second point, Michael Bisping has never been defeated in England. “The Count” has never held the middleweight title. His legacy, what he prides himself on, is being an English fighter, and being undefeated in England may be the most important thing to him. On top of that, beating arguably the greatest martial artist of all time in England would surely cement his legacy. Now, Bisping also believes that he is ready to make another run at the title. And a win against Anderson could potentially get him a number one contender fight.

The fight itself should be interesting. I doubt we see any one get totally starched, but Bisping’s well know conditioning and non-stop pressure does leave the possibility for him to score a TKO, or for Anderson to place a shot right on his chin and stop the Englishman in his tracks. Either way, with an undefeated home record and a rebirth of a legacy on the line, fight fans our guaranteed an amazing showing from both men.

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