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Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Keepers Part 1

Spring Training is coming, meaning it's time to start thinking about fantasy baseball. Here are the first eight of the top 25 fantasy baseball keepers.

With Spring Training right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about fantasy baseball again. For many keeper leagues, that will mean deciding what players you would like to keep from the previous year. Picking keepers can be stressful at times, but just remember that what they do this year is what matters the most. So here is my list to help out:

Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Keepers Part 1

  1. Mike Trout, OF
  • Is there much to say here? The kid is 24 years old and is the best player in the world. Many will argue he could be the number two keeper after the year he had last year. He does it all and hopefully will steal more bases this year to hold off Goldschmidt. (Tier 1)

     2. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

  • I am a huge Goldy fan. The guy does it all, and I think he should have been the NL MVP last year. Goldschmidt is coming off a 30-20 season and plays first base. Getting twenty steals from your first baseman is a huge advantage; plus, he is still in the middle of his prime at 28 years old. (Tier 1)
  1. Bryce Harper, OF
  • The 23-year-old phenom is coming off an MVP year and his best year as a pro. No one has more potential than this young man. The only flaw from him last year, just like Trout, is the lack of steals, though there is a good chance he will improve that part of his game. (Tier 1)
  1. Manny Machado, 3B
  • Many analysts and writers advised fantasy players to buy Machado’s stock last year, because he was going to have a break out year. He is still only 23 years old and has shown he can lead the league in doubles in his first full year. He has since translated that power into home runs. A 30-30 season is very possible from this young stud. (Tier 2)
  1. Kris Bryant 3B
  • Bryant is the best prospect in baseball since Bryce Harper and had a great first year. His potential is through the roof. He hit twenty-six home runs as a rookie and has the ability to hit forty if he cuts down on his strikeouts. He will also hit .280 consistently. Being on the Cubs adds a lot of protection with Anthony Rizzo also in the lineup. (Tier 2)
  1. Carlos Correa SS
  • The youngest player on the list, Correa is coming off a good first season in the bigs. The highly touted prospect was called up last year and only played ninety-nine games, yet still hit .280 with twenty-two doubles, twenty-two home runs, and fourteen stolen bases. Correa is a five tool player and has the potential to be a 30-30 player. (Tier 2)
  1. Giancarlo Stanton OF
  • Many people will be shocked to see Stanton this low on the list. The one reason he is not higher is because he cannot be trusted to stay healthy. He has not played 150 games since 2011. In 2014 he did play 145 games before being hit in the face with a pitch. That year, he hit .288/.395 with thirty-one doubles, 105 RBI, thirty-seven home runs, eighty-nine runs and thirteen steals. That is the season he should have every year, but he cannot stay on the field. He is in a show-me season in 2016. He is more than capable of hitting fifty home runs if he stays healthy. Last year he hit twenty-seven, yet only played seventy-four games. (Tier 2)
  1. Andrew McCutchen OF
  • The former NL MVP is the king of consistency with 20/20 seasons in three of the last five years. Also, he has stayed pretty healthy and simply just does it all. The reason he isn’t higher is because he is coming close to the end of prime and his numbers have been on the decline. However, he can still be trusted as your top player. (Tier 2)

Many players on this list are younger and I know I said what they do for you this year is all that matters, but these younger players are playing in their low-20s and are still playing like top fantasy players. All these players, except for McCutchen, are only going to get better. These rankings are based on results, potential, and health. Do not keep a player that is always hurt, unless they have a sky high ceiling like Stanton. Keep the players that will actually play for your team and perform well every week.

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