This One's On Me: NBA Stars to Have a Drink With

To follow up my article about having a drink with NFL stars, it is time to discuss the NBA Stars that I would have a beer with as well. This is a little bit trickier because I have never discussed this topic with my friends, as most of them are more NFL fans and do not have a whole lot of interest in the NBA. However, I believe that I am capable of coming up with just as good of a group to drink with, and they would be much better if a game of Beer Pong happens to break out.

Steph Curry, this guy can make a shot from anywhere on the court. That could definitely be crucial if a Pong game happens to break out.  I remember watching him play at Davidson during March Madness back when he was in college. I had a feeling he would be a star but I had no idea that he would be this big of a star. He seems like he would be cool and relaxed off the court which would be crucial for going drinking with to me.

The next person will be the first former player that I have chosen in this list, but I think is the worthiest choice for this next spot. If I go drinking with some NBA players, I am at least going to want a controversial figure, and who is better at being controversial than Dennis Rodman? That’s right, I am choosing The Worm. I’m not entirely sure if he will be able to even drink with his stints at rehab, but we will see.  Perhaps he can indulge in a non-alcoholic beverage and just tell some stories. Rodman was my favorite player growing up and a great defensive player. People have forgotten that he was quite the player on the court due to all of his off the court issues as of lately, but that is exactly why I’m choosing the former member of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys.

Speaking of former players to go drinking with; Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq seems like one of the coolest guys off the court, and I want to see how much alcohol a big man can put away before it truly affects him.  The only thing that would suck is if he is a lightweight because I don’t think I can manage carrying a guy Shaq’s size out of the bar. Maybe Shaq would even try to rap again once he’s had a couple of beers in him; there is only one true way to find out.

The final choice for me took a little bit of time, I figured it should be someone in the league right now but I finally decided on the right man. Drum Roll Please. That man is the one, the only Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Andersen has been all over the league and other leagues as well. He started his basketball career playing in China during the late 90’s. Birdman has seen all sorts of different teams, different leagues and different players. I would love to pick his brain to see what all he has dealt with as a journeyman in the NBA. This is why I chose Birdman over the rest of the league. Plus, what kind of looks can we get in a bar with Birdman, Shaq, Rodman, and Curry?

There were a couple of runner-ups as well.  I contemplated Khris Middleton because we share the same last name. That’s about the only reason, plus I remember him playing at Texas A&M in college and knew he would be in the NBA someday. I considered LeBron James as well because he’s King James, but I figured if I went with him I’d be to star shocked to say anything, and the same goes with Michael Jordan. I would love to hear who everyone else would choose out of NBA stars and former stars.

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