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Questions for NFL Week 14

Here are some vital questions going into Week 14 of the NFL Season. Questions such as what the most important game that week is and playoff hunts as well.

Questions for NFL Week 14

What is the most important game of the week?

Surprisingly, I am going to say that the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in north Florida is the most important game of the week. This game is huge for the AFC South and if the Jaguars can win a big game like this at home, then they are right back in the competition to take the division. Now, the Texans have a big test on their hands as they play the New England Patriots so if the Jaguars can win, they will only be one game back. If the Colts win, that is huge for them too because then they will still keep their lead and then the only team they would have to worry about down the stretch of the season will be the Texans. Along with this, the Colts actually need Matt Hasselbeck for this game because he has shown that he can help this team compete and he is a leader for this team while Andrew Luck is still sidelined with an injury. I expect this game to not be the most entertaining, but it has the most on the line.

Is Jameis Winston going to lead the Buccaneers to the playoffs?

I wish I could say yes for this, but looking at who leads the playoff race right now (Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks), I can’t see the Buccaneers making the postseason this year. Winston has looked great during his rookie season and has shown that he can compete with top teams in the NFL. Now, I’m not going to go as far as saying that he is going to be an elite quarterback yet because it’ll depend on what he does in the next few years, but it seems that he is NFL ready. If he keeps it up and learns from this year and improves his game, then I’d definitely expect to see the playoffs for the Buccaneers soon.

Which potential playoff team is seeing their hopes slip away?

I have to go with the Oakland Raiders on this one. If they would’ve won last week, they would’ve been tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for that second playoff spot and every game would’ve had huge implications on it. But, after that tough 34-20 loss to KC they now have to go on the road to play divisional foe Denver. It’s looking like the playoffs aren’t going to be in the plans for the Raiders, but I do like the potential that this team has. You have to expect them to be in the playoff talk for a while as long as Derek Carr is running that team.

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