Chip Kelly’s Future is in Philadelphia With the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles and their fans had high hopes for the 2015 season, but they are currently 4-6 and one game behind the NFC East leading New York Giants. Chip Kelly, in his third season with the Eagles, put together the team as it is currently constituted. So of course he’s gone after this season right? No. Chip Kelly’s future is in Philadelphia with the Eagles.

With how successful Kelly was in college at Oregon, it makes sense he could end up back in college as a head coach. Given all of the head coaching jobs currently available in the NCAA, and those that will most likely become available at season’s end, it makes sense that Kelly’s name would be linked to some high profile college jobs, like USC.

Chip Kelly’s Future is in Philly

But Kelly reportedly recently purchased a home for $1.15 million in Haddonfield, New Jersey and Haddonfield is approximately 10 miles from the NovaCare Complex and Lincoln Financial Field. Why would the former Oregon head coach purchase a house if he planned to take a new coaching position? He wouldn’t. Kelly might not end up finishing his career in Philly, but it is clear he has no, or very little, desire to leave Philadelphia for a new job right now, whether it be in college or another spot in the NFL.

Plus, Kelly is making approximately $7 million per year with the Eagles and he has complete control. While he would also have control at the college level, it is incredibly doubtful that he would make more money by going back to college. Money isn’t the issue and, at least for right now, it appears Kelly wants to prove he can win his way at the NFL level, so he’s not leaving of his volition.

But Kelly single-handedly put this Eagles team together in his first season with said control, and with the largely dismal and uninspiring play of his team this season, the front office will certainly fire him right? No, they won’t.

For starters, the Eagles won ten games in each of Kelly’s first two seasons at the helm in Philly, including a division title in 2013. Kelly might not have taken the Eagles to a Super Bowl yet, and his team has looked atrocious at times this season, most recently in Sunday’s embarrassing 45-17 loss at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But the former college coach has proven he can win in the NFL. Philadelphia’s front office probably does not want to make a change to a most likely unproven head coach.

In addition, there is absolutely no way that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie stripped Howie Roseman of his general manager duties, and made him executive of football operations, so he could give complete personnel control to Kelly it was only going to be a one-year deal. Lurie, and most likely the rest of the Eagles front office, knew it may take more than one year for Kelly’s full stamp on the Eagles to pay big dividends. Lurie will give Kelly, and his approach, more than the 2015 season to right the ship before deciding to start all over.

Chip Kelly may or may not make it past the 2016 season, but unless the Eagles lose their remaining six games this season, he will be back calling the shots in Philadelphia next season.

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