Sunday Social: Dreams and Nightmares

Sunday Social: Dreams and Nightmares – November 15th

For every exciting finish, there is an opposite agonizing defeat. And some of those agonizing defeats turn into nightmares. For some teams, Saturday was a day of nightmares. Stanford, after having cost Oregon at least two chances at the National Championship over the past decade, coughed up their chance at the College Football Playoffs at home against the Ducks. And Baylor, a team that’s trying to get to the Playoffs as well, had a nightmare of a game as they were pushed around by a more physical Oklahoma squad. And what’s more nightmarish than missing a game winning field goal as time expires to beat an undefeated team? That’s what Memphis has to think about all week.

And if that doesn’t do it, Harvard’s band will help you out.

Sunday Social: Dreams and Nightmares

We start this week’s look around the inter-webs with the Michigan-Indiana game, where the Hoosiers were oh-so-close, yet again, to a big upset win. Indiana fans have seen this for so long they’re starting to worry that they’re going to emotionally scar their children — a lifelong nightmare?

And, after giving up so much to the Michigan tight end, @amelianewburg has a new parody song in her head. I like it.

With a chance to take it to a third overtime, the Hoosiers chose to pass the ball for the first time in twenty plays. This, of course, caused people to remember a certain Super Bowl play call.

In the end, though, the Hoosiers came up empty again. For the sixth time in conference play this season. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if @LeBig_Mac is serious or not in his tweet. Talk about optimistic, this is definitely someone dreaming:

So, is a quarter-pounder called “Le Quarter Pounder” in France?

An oldie but a goodie. Kids, if you’ve never seen Sanford and Sons, get to Netflix now.

Oregon fans, feeling a little frosty after a disappointing season, wanted nothing more than to ruin Stanford’s championship hopes; much like the Cardinal have done to the Ducks in multiple years past. And when they did, they had no chill.

I mean zero chill. @jflohr55 sends some psychological unpleasantries to Nerd Nation:

This image might just produce those nightmares:

I must say, a Duck with a chainsaw is much more frightening than I thought it would be.

Oregon fans going to the bank for another stand-by, but still a good one as Stanford fumbles twice late in the game.

And Stanford’s loss puts the PAC-12 in serious jeopardy of sending a team to the College Football Playoffs, but Oregon fan @4thandInch isn’t very concerned about that.

I was a little disappointed with the Memphis and Houston fans…not a lot of discussion about that game, even though it was one of the best games of the weekend. You can’t deny Tom Herman’s ability to utilize back-up quarterbacks, though.

But if you’re a Houston fan, I wouldn’t be getting used to Tom Herman too much.

And to wrap up the evening, Oklahoma earned a convincing victory against previously unbeaten Baylor. Much like Oregon, a lot of pent up frustration seemed to be released after the win.

The star of the show was definitely Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield. He was magical.

Yes, this Baker Mayfield:

Well, if you don’t have enough dreams and nightmares from the material so far, the Harvard Band will leave you with something to remember from this weekend.

And the Harvard Band. What in the world are you doing? And where is everyone?


Another exciting week in college football, with some winners and some losers. The winners will sleep well this week, and the losers will be haunted by nightmares of missed opportunities.

What dreams will live another week and what dreams will be dashed next week? Check back in next week to see how the interwebs react to the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat.

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