Things We Learned In College: Week 9 In College Football

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There is absolutely nothing better than when Halloween falls on a Saturday. College football all day, candy all night (living in a neighborhood with very few children has its perks), and, as a bonus, an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Any presidential candidate who wants to make this a regular thing, you have my vote.

-Unfortunately, for the second week in a row, I feel the need to start this column by reminding people not to drink and drive. Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett was charged with OVI (operating a vehicle while under the influence) early Saturday morning, and per school policy, will be suspended for Ohio State’s next game. Apparently OVI is a misdemeanor, so what would normally be a two-game suspension under school policy will only be one. This is what taxis and Uber are for, people. If you’re not 100% sure you’re ok to drive, don’t drive.

-Three weeks ago, Minnesota whipped Purdue. A week later, Nebraska beat Minnesota soundly. So of course, Nebraska lost to Purdue yesterday, at one point down 42-16 in the fourth quarter. This is why football is so awesome. Logic tells you Purdue should go out and not just lose this game, but get killed. And they end up winning.

-Granted, Nebraska was starting backup quarterback Ryker Fyfe, and lost both leading rusher Terrell Newby and emerging wideout De’Mornay Pierson-El to injuries in the first half. But if you saw the Minnesota-Purdue game, you honestly wouldn’t have expected it to matter much. Props to Nebraska for the late comeback, but it was a classic case of too little, too late.

-David Blough did not look like the same quarterback who played against Minnesota just three weeks ago. If the Saints were on a bye, I’d say maybe Drew Brees came back for one more game at his alma mater. Good for him.

-I expected Texas Tech and Oklahoma State to be a barnburner. I wasn’t disappointed. The two combined for 1,304 yards of offense, 123 points, and enough touchdowns that I lost count. I’d love to see one of these high-scoring Big XII teams face off against a team like Michigan with a strong defense and average offense, just to see what would happen.

-The Red Raiders could stand to be a bit more disciplined, with two players ejected yesterday. Admittedly, the first one was a targeting foul that I was surprised was upheld on replay. Both announcers agreed that it was an iffy call at best and probably should have been overturned. The second one was on number six (Texas Tech has two players on the roster with that number, I’m not sure which one it was) for his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game. (Granted, there was under a minute left at that point, so the game was essentially over).

-I can’t possibly be the only one who hears “I’M A MAN! I’M 40!” every time they show Mike Gundy on the sideline, right?

-Quarterback Faton Bauta doesn’t seem to be the answer to Georgia’s slide. On the bright side, Georgia did force a turnover for the first time since September 26.

-What a heartbreaker for Minnesota, after what must have been a very tough week for them. I understand why interim coach Tracy Claeys went for broke from the one-yard line; personally, I kick the field goal and go to OT without a second thought. I’ll have a full article on this game later in the week.

-Didn’t watch Miami and Duke? You missed out. I’ve seen this crazy ending attempted many, many times. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it work since Stanford-Cal.

-I’m glad I didn’t stay up to watch Oregon-Arizona State on Thursday night. Three overtime periods made it roughly 2:30 am on the East Coast by the time it ended, and I know damn well I wouldn’t have been able to make myself turn it off and go to bed before it was over.


Again, I’ll have a full article on the Michigan-Minnesota game later in the week. Don’t forget to look for the LWOS Top 25 rankings later in the day. I’m on Twitter @LastWordLindsay. Until next week!

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