Sunday Social: Unmasked

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Sunday Social: Unmasked – November 1st

All Hallow’s Eve has come and gone. This year’s Halloween brought with it an exciting day of college football. While the ramifications of Sunday’s action might not be earth-shattering – the Top 25 will see relatively little shift – it was still full of sweet treats and agonizing tricks for many fans. And as we wake up on All Saint’s Day, let’s go door-to-door and unmask all the best social media conversations from yesterday’s action.

Sunday Social: Unmasked

We’ll start our weekly stroll walking down Tobacco Road. The final play in the Miami-Duke game (#MIAvsDUKE) was unreal. And I’m sure this article isn’t the first time you’ve seen the replay. Is there a broad conspiracy amongst officials? @msr379 comments on the attention that this twelve seconds of film is getting.

Kids, if you don’t know what the Zapruder Film is, go google it. Or better yet go get a history book. It’s important, you know?

Speaking of history, somewhere Christian Laettner is smiling. For no other reason than being Christian Laettner. (h/t @fauxsports)

@dolfin55 is definitely laughing.

I must say, it’s a bold move to trash talk the opponents when you were clearly the beneficiary of quite possibly the worst officiating of a non-baseball game in the history of sports.

Ironically, only a Duke football player would be able to decipher this play design provided by @crashclark.

OK, so maybe a Stanford guy, too.

But we all know Miami is really a basketball town. Evidence:

Speaking of basketball towns, I had no clue Halloween was so popular in Los Angeles and Lexington.



Good news for the folks in Miami, L.A. and Lexington is that basketball season is finally here.

Staying on the west coast, Stanford was also the beneficiary of some late game calls and heroics. Never thought you’d hear Stanford and Miami being compared as similar to each other, did you?

You might want to go look at that Miami-Duke final play, Sir.

Moving back over to the City of Brotherly Love, there was even some complaining about officials in the Notre Dame-Temple game, which was maybe the most entertaining of the evening. (from @kellyjandrews)

I think every official feels like that these days.

And what about Temple? Representing strong in their first prime time showcase.

If only the McPoyle brothers could have suited up for the Owls.

Now, Owl fans, just take this creativity and trash talk to Twitter. It’s a blast, everyone’s doing it.

But the Notre Dame fans weren’t about to share the glory (what’s new). @Brennawilliams shows us the Notre Dame way.

Moving on from criticizing officials before we get fined by Larry Scott or get a show-cause from the NCAA.

Surrender Cobras are so last season. What’s in this season? @iamstrick shows us The Burrowing Surrender Cobra:

What’s worse than a burrowing surrender cobra? I don’t know what to call it, but @bubbaprog gives us this little nugget of hilarity:

Maybe a “Lost Hope Leopard.” Or “Bummed Out Bugger?” I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure he’s not on the Mike Riley bandwagon anymore.

One thing is for sure in Lincoln, our boy standing hopeless in the stands isn’t the only person off the Mike Riley bandwagon. I’m pretty sure @imadesmartcool and @myke22 are off as well.

Oh, and since Ole Miss thwarted our efforts and went and won a game yesterday, we have to resort to finishing out the weekly column with the only thing funnier than an “Ole Miss is tanking” twitter barrage. And that’s Hugh Freeze hitting The Whip. Feast your eyes on true comedy folks:

That about wraps up the unmasking of the ghosts and ghouls of social media for this week. Check back next week and see what kind of wit and wisdom is bestowed upon us in the interwebs by the best college football fans in the world.
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