Daniel Norris cancer-free after having surgery

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher, Daniel Norris, hid something from most of us for the longest time. Early in the 2015 season Norris was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. To get rid of the cancer he had to get a tumor removed.  After going all of the Major League Baseball season with the Toronto Blue Jays and after the deadline with the Tigers, he eventually came out and announced early in October, after his season was done, that he had been diagnosed. Norris had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the Jays had sent him down to their Triple A affiliate (Buffalo Bisons) in May.

According to Detroit Free Press:

When the Tigers general manager, Al Avila , had gotten Daniel Norris they already knew about his condition before the deal was made with David Price and Toronto. While dealing with this through the 2015 season Norris, had gone 3-2 with a 3.75 ERA over a period of 13 starts. During the season doctors had said that it would be okay to pitch the rest of the season without putting his life in danger.

Daniel Norris just recently officially announced that he is now cancer-free and the tumor in his thyroid had been removed and posted this on his instagram: “I just want to thank everyone for the thoughts & prayers. Surgery was successful & I am Cancer Free. #justkeeplivin photo by @newlondonred” With the news of Norris being cancer free he can continue on his young baseball career and life in general. Remember that Daniel Norris was the man back during spring training that lived in a van. After going through some ups and downs just in his life alone Norris will no longer be known as the young rookie that lived in a van because he felt that he was unworthy of living large but known for being the baseball player that had gotten the win over thyroid cancer.