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Week 7 NFL Injury Update

Week Seven NFL Injury Update

Cleveland Browns injury update:

Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown went to the locker room late in the 4th quarter against the St. Louis Rams with an injury. Browns back-up quarterback Johnny Manziel took his place. McCown was injured after fumbling the football while taking a hard slam to the turf. McCown was not able to lift his throwing arm when he walked off the field.

Houston Texans injury update:

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is out with an achillies injury. Texans confirmed the running back’s doctor that he believe that it is torn, per Adam Schefter. Foster knew that it was bad because it started hurting as he started to run. There will be more updates on Foster’s injury.

Pittsburgh Steelers injury update:

Ben Rothlisberger didn’t get the start today due to knee injury. Steelers cornerback William Gay injured his shoulder in today’s loss against the Chiefs. Antwon Blake, another cornerback for the Steelers, was healthy enough to return back to the game after having left the game late in the second half to check for a possible concussion.

Tampa Bay injury update: 

Buccaneers wide reciver Vincent Jackson injued his knee in the 3rd quarter and missed the 2nd half.

Indianapolis Colts injury update:

Per Adam Schefter, Colts wide reciever Phillip Dorsett fractured his ankle. He is supposed to take a test, but he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, per sources.

Philadelphia Eagles injury update:

In the first quarter of Sunday Night Football versus Carolina, all-pro lineman Jason Peters left with a leg injury. He was carted to the locker room after a somewhat lengthy delay. He will undergo tests to determine the severity and, if he is lost for any length of time, it will be a significant blow to the Eagles running game and quarterback protection.
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