LWOS College Football Week 6 Top 25

Our new Top 25 is in and we once again have a new #1! The Buckeyes lost the top billing to Michigan State after their Week 3 scare against Northern Illinois, but earned that spot back when the Spartans also stopped impressing. Now, though, the Utah Utes have pushed themselves solidly into that top spot with their win over previously-undefeated Cal. It wasn’t the prettiest of wins (and their shellacking of Oregon lost a lot of luster), but Utah certainly has the best resume of any team so far.

One thing you will notice about our rankings is that we are a lot more fluid than the major polls usually are. It’s still early in the season and our voters seem to be much more willing to throw out our early assumptions than the traditional polls are. We even had a voter put LSU as the #1 team in the country, though that could very well just be a proxy vote for Leonard Fournette for Heisman.

LWOS College Football Week 6 Top 25

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Dropped out: USC (18), Georgia (20)

The SEC has five ranked teams, currently, with all of them in the top 14. The conference is stacked with contenders at the top, though as their second-tier teams lose they are falling way off the radar. Will LSU or Texas A&M follow suit when they finally start meeting the better opponents on their schedules? Maybe, but it feels a little unlikely right now. This week will be very telling for those two if they are real contenders or not.

The Big Ten also has five ranked teams and ties the SEC with three in the Top 10, though two of those three (Michigan and Michigan State) play each other this week. The Pac 12 and Big XII each follow with four ranked teams, though Oklahoma State and TCU seem to be making a tradition of winning by the skin of their teeth. The ACC has three ranked teams. We also have three Group of 5 teams this week, with Memphis and Toledo moving into the rankings. Independent Notre Dame rounds out the Top 25.

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