New Evidence In Patrick Kane Case

Friday afternoon, new information surfaced regarding the Patrick Kane case that drastically changes the situation at hand.

According to District Attorney Sedita: It has become apparent that the accuser took the shirt she wore at Kane’s home off at her own home. The accuser’s mother then took her shirt and brought it to the hospital, where the hospital then stored the shirt in a brown bag, marked with the accusers name and sealed. The mother then took the bag home with her. Shortly after, the police interviewed the accuser and confiscated the shirt while putting it in a proper evidence bag.

Weeks later, the district attorney informed the lawyers that the rape kit had tested negative for Kane’s DNA. Two days later, the mother of the accuser claimed that the evidence was tampered with and left on her doorstep, and that the rape kit was also tampered with. She presented the brown paper bag to her daughter’s attorney. When the lawyer texted the district attorney about the new information, Sedita’s office began to investigate. However Thomas Eonnanu went ahead with his press conference on Tuesday claiming this was the rape kit. The district attorney later found that the rape kit was in police/crime lab possession the entire time, and the entire story behind the paper bag was a complete hoax.

The investigation is still on-going, however with the way the case is going currently, it almost looks as if the case is deteriorating before our eyes. There’s a lot of skepticism with this case, and it’s hard to say which way it will turn out. Lets just hope this circus ends soon, because it has yet to get any better.