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Questions Going into NFL Week Three

Here are some questions that will be answered going into NFL Week Three. We look at Cam Netwon, Kam Chancellor and Johnny Manziel.

With week two done, here are five questions going into week three that could really give an outlook for what some teams look like this season.

Questions going into NFL Week Three

Which 0-2 team will bounce back?

Even though it would be a popular choice, I’m going to have to go with the Seattle Seahawks. They finally figured out the situation with Kam Chancellor and are getting him back for week three. Along with that, their first two games of the season haven’t been easy ones and they finally get a chance to get back into rhythm by playing the Chicago Bears at home this week.

Which 0-2 team is in the most trouble?

I would go with the Detroit Lions due to the toughness of their schedule, but in the end I have to go with the New Orleans Saints on this one. They just looked very ugly last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home and lost Drew Brees for a few weeks in the process. Even with Brees in, the offense has struggled and the defense hasn’t looked much better. I would say that Sean Payton is on the hot seat, but after the Brees injury, he now has an excuse to keep his job at the end of the year. As for Rob Ryan? I’m not too sure about his position.

Why is Josh McCown starting over Johnny Manziel?

This decision I really, really don’t understand. Manziel didn’t look terrible when he came in to replace McCown against the Jets, and then he goes out next week and outplays Marcus Mariota and got a good home win versus the Titans. Manziel did everything right to win the starting position and for some reason head coach Mike Pettine decided to go with McCown. The Browns fans and management want to see their draft pick play and I really expect Mike Pettine to be fired soon because to me this just doesn’t make any sense. If Cleveland loses to Oakland this week, expect changes to be made soon.

How will the Cowboys deal with all the injuries this week?

With Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both out for a long time, Dallas doesn’t have much left on offense. They do have a good running game though which will help them only if they can get leads in their games early. If not, then the team will be in deep trouble as I don’t expect Brandon Weeden to help lead the Cowboys to a playoff berth. They have a tough upcoming matchup with the Falcons at home so we will get to see how this team can handle these injuries.

Which 2-0 team is looking the best?

The Patriots are the obvious answer for this question but let’s look at another option other than the Super Bowl defending champions. I’d have to say that the Carolina Panthers have looked like one of the best teams that are currently 2-0. After losing Kelvin Benjamin for the season, it seemed as if Panthers had no hope on offense, but Cam Newton has stepped up to be a leader for the team and has been able to drive down the field even with the lack of weapons. Along with that, the defense hasn’t lost a step from last year as it still looks like one of the top units on that side of the ball in the league. The Panthers are going to be racing with the Atlanta Falcons all season for the NFC South title and that’s a race that is going to be very entertaining.

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