DNA Tests Spark Questions in Patrick Kane Allegations

The Buffalo News is reporting that that DNA tests do not confirm Patrick Kane’s involvement in recent rape allegations filed against him. It appears that no DNA was found during tests on samples taken via the “rape kit” on the woman’s genital area, nor on her undergarments.  Patrick Kane’s DNA was found under the woman’s fingernails, however.  The results raise a number of questions about the ongoing investigation.

However, the lack of DNA does not confirm Kane as innocent and end the investigation into the allegations. The investigation consists of more than just DNA testing, and the prosecutor’s office may still bring charges. As of now, the investigation remains ongoing, and the Chicago Blackhawks forward has not been charged with any crime.

DNA Tests Spark Questions in Patrick Kane Allegations

Florina Altshiler, a Buffalo Attorney clarified to the Buffalo News that “The absence of DNA and semen, in itself, does not prove that there was no rape”, and the it merely proves that “there was no ejaculation, or possibly, that the perpetrator wore a condom.”

Frank J. Clark, a former DA of the county, was of a different mindset, saying that “If the vaginal swabs taken at the hospital show no sign of his DNA, that could very well exonerate him of rape”, while calling the recent findings a “game-changer.”

Kane’s DNA was however found beneath the women’s fingernails and on her shoulders according to member’s of law enforcement around the case. In regards to these findings, Clark remarked “It could still be a serious matter for Kane, possibly some sort of assault or sexual misconduct, but that would probably be much less serious than a rape.”

On Thursday, Kane spoke to the media and claimed he was not in the wrong, and predicted he would be deemed innocent. Authorities have been looking over the case since early August, and a grand jury was supposed to convene last week to hear testimony from witnesses, but the presentation was postponed by Sedita.


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