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Questions Going Into NFL Week Two

With week one in the record books, let us discuss the issues facing the NFL going into week two of the season

Questions Going Into NFL Week Two

Are The Buffalo Bills Legitimate Contenders?

They looked incredible versus Andrew Luck and the Colts.  The Bills were able to shut Luck down throughout most of the game and were able to get out to an early lead and didn’t look back. The offense had a nice flow with Tyrod Taylor playing quarterback, the defensive line was all over the place creating pressure and filling up running lanes, and the rushing attack wasn’t just LeSean McCoy, it was also his backups who helped make plays. We will get to see what this team is made of when they face Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots. New England looked like a well-oiled machine versus Pittsburgh last Thursday and we’ll see if that carries over when they play in the tough environment of Buffalo.

Is Peyton Manning Losing His Touch?

Peyton Manning’s passes were looking like ducks all game versus Baltimore. They didn’t have the zip on them that they used to and he missed his chance to show that he can still make tough throws. Manning wasn’t able to get in the end zone versus the Ravens and he doesn’t have a much easier match-up versus Kansas City this coming weekend. The Cheifs defense is just as physical as Baltimore’s and will be able to bring more pressure on Manning. This will be an entertaining game to watch, but if Peyton Manning loses this game, expect there to be a bit of quarterback controversy in Denver in the upcoming weeks.

Who is Going to be the Quarterback for Cleveland?

With Josh McCown going out of the game last week with concussion, Johnny Manziel finally had his time to show his talent versus the Jets. He was able to make a few explosive plays, as well as a few bonehead decisions. Cleveland fans want to see Manziel play quarterback but I feel that McCown gives them the best chance to win. Either way, Coach Mike Pettine has a decision to make when they have Tennessee coming to town this week.

Will Teams Put Their Foot Down When They Have a Chance to Put the Game to Bed?

The Giants weren’t able to achieve this when they had the chance to score versus the Cowboys, losing the game by a point. Detroit went up 21-3 versus the San Diego and didn’t take advantage of it, going on to lose 33-28. The only team that was able to finish out the game was Cincinnati, who played Oakland getting a 33-0 lead and keeping it. If teams get the opportunity to pull away early, they should put their foot down and not ease up because it’s tough to win a game in the NFL, so when you have that chance, you have to take it.

Who Will be the Starting Quarterback for Houston?

The Texans have the same problem as Cleveland, the only difference is they decided to pull Brian Hoyer from the game. His replacement Ryan Mallett brought Houston back into the game versus Kansas City and looked like the better quarterback. The Texans face a tough match-up versus Carolina and whoever plays will have their hands full. Ryan Mallett is the better option in this writers eyes, he is younger and is more willing to take chances than Hoyer.


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