Sunday Social: The Sark Is All Briled Up

We’re always trying to bring new and innovative ways to explore our college football landscape. In this effort, we are starting a new series called “Sunday Social” where we collect some of the best and funniest moments from Saturday’s football action on social media.

Of course, the games haven’t started yet, but with all of the colorful characters in college football and all of the passionate fans out there, we didn’t think it would be too hard to find some great stuff on inter-webs.

We were right.

Sunday Social, Week of August 23rd – The Sark is all Briled Up

Los Angeles is a place accustomed to drama. Hollywood, the bling of Bel Air, and the antics of the head coach at USC. First Pete Carroll brings in Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell to the sidelines. Then Lane Kiffin brings a special kind of swagger to the sideline. Now, it looks like second-year coach Steve Sarkisian is trying to keep the big top atmosphere going at USC with a Saturday night buster speech fueled by several swigs of something powerful.

Yahoo’s Pat Forde pointed aptly pointed the irony of it all:

Even Lane Kiffin thought Sark’s strategy might be a little bold:

And of course this Bruin fan site couldn’t help but pit one Trojan against another:

But, in our 24-hour news cycle, Sark’s outburst was quickly replaced by some other news-worthy sage advice from one of Pro Football’s elder statesmen. The folks over at Lost Letterman think Sark owes Cris Carter a debt of gratitude:

Of course, USC’s Sarkisian wasn’t the only coach in the spotlight this weekend. While the Sam Ukwuachu situation is nothing to joke about, watching several coaches go after one another has a certain kind of irony to it. Art Briles has found himself in the crosshairs of a few coaches, including Charlie Strong:

And the disagreement with Washington’s Chris Petersen has our own LWOS’ Bear Hazard reminiscing about old TV clips:

Apparently, Cris Carter is trying to help more than one college coach this weekend:

The AP released their Top 25 poll this weekend. What was the reaction like on twitter? Looks like the Hokie paper is hoping for an even bigger upset than last year. I see what you did there:

Here’s an Alabama fan putting forth another schedule question to Ohio State. Another dangerous tweet in light of last year’s OSU-Bama match-up:

And while Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team didn’t appear in the Top 25, several Jim Harbaughs did appear at the Detroit Tiger’s game on Sunday.

Of course, college football wouldn’t be college football without all the passion of the fan bases. Tennessee landed a commitment from the nation’s #1 rated 2017 quarterback (yes, 2017) and their fans started to troll Alabama. Might want to be careful there.

So, for an out-of-season weekend, there was plenty to talk about on social media. As the season approaches, you can be sure that things will only get more creative and a little more heated.

Until next Sunday, stay salty my friends.

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