Michael Johnson Interview: “Nobody Saw What the Judges Saw”

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My latest interview with proud Blackzilian “The Menace “Michael Johnson (@followthemenace) for www.themaineventzone.com hosted by P.A.W. (@pawthemainevent).

Michael Johnson goes over his controversial loss at UFC Fight Night 73, his thoughts of the judges and what can be done to prevent it in the future, who has helped him in his career, the Blackzilians & who will get the title first, updates on Kamaru Usman & Tyrone Sprong, fighting through adversity in his life & more.

Michael Johnson Interview: “Nobody Saw What the Judges Saw”

Who is P.A.W.?

Well a little of that I would like to keep a mystery for the sake of my sanity, but I can share a few things. I have been a life long pro wrestling fan. Ever since I saw Papa Shango make oil drip down from The Ultimate Warriors head (it’s still real to me damnit!, not really but I still love it). As decades past and many Wrestlemania trips later, I was introduced to MMA and I fell in love. Being a High Brown in Tang Su Do, seeing a high level martial art competition that was showed all forms of fighting in a one big “my style is better than yours” debate was astonishing. And who doesn’t love boxing.. come on! Well at least the golden era! #MikeTyson

From years of making funny videos, family event movies, and anything I can think of, combined with years and years of phone jobs involving asking questions, interviewing, uncovering stories, and overall talking, I put it all together and you are now in The Main Event Zone! The show is all about allowing the guest to tell an overall story about their past, major moments, current events, and things to come. Previous guests include Ken Shamrock, Jenna Jameson, Tyron Woodley, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, Bruce Buffer, Diamond Dallas Page, and many more! Check out past interviews at www.themaineventzone.com