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MLS Pick ‘Em 2015: Week 24 – Rivalry Week Supersized (LA/Seattle and RBNY/NYCFC)

MLS Pick ‘Em 2015: Week 24 – Rivalry Week Supersized

Last week saw San Jose draw Portland at home, effectively ending skids for both teams. Portland won the road points, and Eric and I took the points on the experts table. Standings remained mostly the same though with Russ and Jeff tied. I trail by 3 points in 3rd place, which seems fitting. Let’s take a look at the standings before we jump into the supersized edition of Pick ‘Em this week:

Player Points Correct Outcome Correct Score Incorrect Total
Jeff Krause 19 15 2 10 25
Russ McKenzie 19 13 3 12 25
Joseph Goldstein 16 12 2 13 25
Eric Walcott 14 14 0 11 25
Alec Rivera 13 9 2 16 25
Ned Joyce 9 7 1 18 25
Michael Norton 6 6 0 19 25
John Richan 5 5 0 20 25

To spice things up this week, the experts flexed their picking muscles and looked to pick both of the games on Sunday. First up, LA takes on Seattle at home. Seattle are on an epic slide, but these rivals always produce big games. Seattle will be without their midfield pitbull Osvaldo Alonso after he suffered a hamstring tear last week, and of course Obafemi Martins who is struggling to return to fitness after his right abductor strain. LA will have to deal with juggling CCL and MLS heading into the end of summer and approaching the playoffs. Will they keep up their incredible home record, or will Seattle find a way to right the ship?

The second game this week is poised to be full of fireworks. New York City comes to Red Bull Arena with (Finally…) their full compliment of stars. Lampard is still gaining fitness and learning his place on the field, while Pirlo is already showing what made him so dangerous as a playmaker, and what makes him a liability defensively. The Red Bulls might debut a new star of their own with designated player Gonzalo Veron who officially signed earlier this week, though likely it will be in a cameo appearance if at all. While City had been on a hot streak in July, the streak has cooled and the Red Hot Red Bulls have taken over losing just once in their last 6. Will they wrap up the season sweep at home, or find themselves asking hard questions with New York winning their first derby?

As an added wrinkle, if any expert picks both games right this weekend, they get an extra bonus point added to their total. If they pick the right score in each game they get a big 3 point bump. With 9 points on the table, things could get a little crazy. Let’s see what they say this week.

Expert Pick 1 Comments Pick 2 Comments
Joseph Goldstein



LA (3-1)Dempsey will get back on the score sheet, but Seattle is in for a world of hurt in La La Land.

RBNY (2-0)The score will look much closer than it will play out. The Red Bulls will finish the sweep in style, exploiting the midfield space a certain old Italian man is leaving for NYCFCEric Walcott

Staff Writer


LA (3-0)Seattle looks like one of the worst teams in the league right now. It’s also about that time of year when the Galaxy go from being good to being unstoppable, and the game is at the Stub Hub Center. This will be about damage control for the Sounders.

RBNY (2-1)After losing the previous two matchups, City will be deperate to get one over on Red Bull. That eagerness will lead to them falling behind early and being unable to catch up.Alec Rivera

Department Head


SEA (2-1)The hangover must eventually end for the lackluster Sounders. LA will be unlucky losers on the day.

RBNY (4-2)Red team will outscore Blue team, who can’t seem to get that they need to spend on defense. But there will also be no way for Red to stop a STACKED midfield and offense.Jeff Krause



LA (2-1)Seattle will not regain form against probably the best team in the league right now.

RBNY (3-0)And it won’t even be close.Russ McKenzie

Department Head


LA (3-1)Seattle just isnt the same this year. They’re getting too used to playing from behind and LA sports the best attack in MLS history. Add in Dos Santos’ arrival? Yeah, LA definitely has this.

RBNY (3-0)It should have been this score the last time, but because of poor site lines and a tiny field… City tend to lose against teams with big fields and good defenses. A rested Perrinelle and a deep midfield and an attack that could welcome the debut of Gonzalo Veron? Red Bulls will just run all over City.John Richan

Staff Writer


LA (2-0)LA is just warming up and Bruce Arena and company will stoll to an easy three points against rivals Seattle who have been struggling of late. With Dos Santos coming in the sky is the limit for LA.

RBNY (1-0)Although this derby meeting will be intense I think it only has one goal in it. NYRB are a better team however they are coming off a short week. Derbies are always tight but the boys from NJ will take this one.Michael Norton



LA (3-0)Capable of walloping and being walloped, the up-and-down Galaxy hit their stride against their favorite playoff opponents. Is this the start of their usual second-half tear?Draw (2-2)NY Blue have been scoring for fun recently, but their backline still suffers from the lack of a veteran in the middle. Throw in BWP lining up against them and City will be hard-pressed to gain significant ground on their rivals.Ned Joyce


@nedjoyceDraw (2-2)Tie 2-2 la should dominate but all their new parts need to be worked out. Seattle is tired of losing and starting to regain form. feels like a win for seattle and loss for laDraw (3-3)NYCFC and Red Bulls play a wide open exciting game high and offense and low on defense. Pirlo shines as well as the Argentines Castillo, Veron. Everyone leaves happy but the teams


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