Indy Eleven earn another three lessons in draw with NY Cosmos

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In what can only be described as one of the most annual results since Indy Eleven joined the North American Soccer League in 2015, the visiting New York Cosmos and Indy Eleven settle for two first half extra time goals leading to a result of 1-1. This is the sixth straight draw between the two clubs and even with another draw the match itself was both intense and contained plenty of opportunities for both teams to secure the first victory in the series. For Indy, these matches against the Cosmos have turned into the “big” match for the regular season. Regardless, both teams now have another draw for their series and another a point added to the standings.

Indy Eleven earn another three lessons in draw with NY Cosmos

The largest difference for Indy was the legs that they were able to put on the field against the New York Cosmos. The return of Brad Ring and 

  1. With Cory Miller out this week due to a red card from the previous week Greg Janicki found himself back in the starting eleven for Indy. Previously having been as critical as you can be on Janicki’s play the time on the bench both due to recovering from injury and just the quality of the central defending after he recovered proved to be a good time for Janicki to get his wits straight. Interim Head Coach Tim Regan said this on on the Norales red card, “With Cory Miller being suspended from the previous week we lost a little bit of depth at center back, and we knew we were going to have to move people around. But Daniel Keller and Marco Franco played center back in college so I was comfortable with either one. It was just a matter of how the rest of it was going to go.” Indy Eleven’s defensive players on the bench have proven that the signings in year two have been extremely well done and provided a huge boost in the occasions like this in which they are needed.
  2. This was Dane Richards first home game in Indy and while he is slotted in as a midfielder mostly in the wings his role Saturday was as a forward due to injuries. Richards was able to really keep up with Brian Brown and great service as well as threaten to score himself on a number of occasions Saturday. Richards said after the game, “Training does it all. In practice, we’re getting used to each other. I could see it in the game today and it was better than the first game. Definitely we’re getting better each practice and our communication is better so hopefully it will get even better soon.” It’s unclear if the move to forward was just for this match or if Richards could be in the same position next week as Indy Eleven host the Atlanta Silverbacks but regardless, Richards has integrated well in the threshold of the midfield and front line of Indy.
  3. Youth has always been a huge factor both positive and negative for Indy Eleven. Key positions in which they have depth in terms of age and experience has provided them with a good rotation of  players. Interim Head Coach Tim Regan said Saturday after the match talking about the equalizer midfielder Dylan Mares scored, “For a young team it’s difficult to do. It’s easy to get down on yourself because you haven’t been in a lot of those moments, so the response is a key to the whole game. At that point, we’re going to have to make some attacking changes and against New York that can come back to bite you because they’re really good. It was a great play and a simple play.”

The one issue that Indy Eleven still need to correct that was apparent more so in the Ottawa Fury game but also occurred in some degree against the New York Cosmos match was the silly fouls given up right outside the box. This was a major result as restart goals by Fury proved three of the four goals they scored but with a team like the Cosmos who have tremendous ability scoring the ‘free throws’ with free kicks outside the box. Set piece defense will need to continue to be a focus heading into next week’s match against the Silverbacks.

Atlanta Silverbacks visit Indy Eleven at The Mike this coming Saturday at 7:30 PM.

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