LWOS Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks (And More) 06-03-15

All picks are based off the slate of games starting at  4:05 PM PT / 7:05 PM ET and are selected from Fanduel.com. All picks are subject to change depending on various things that happen in life.

Hola! Hump day is back again and our wheel of fortune has, as always, granted me the turn of shedding my baseballness (yah I know I made that word up) upon you today. As one can tell from above, my name is of Spanish origin yet, and I know this can come as a bit of a surprise, I cannot speak the language to save my life. I can read enough kind of-sort of, but try to have a conversation with me, and you might as well be talking to a brick wall. Anyways before I lay out my daily fantasy baseball pics for the day, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about sportsmanship. Weird change of topic, I know, but this is how my mind works so stay with me.

I live in the great Northwest and specifically in Kitsap County, Washington State. Go Mariners. The Class 3A High School Baseball playoffs are under way and a trip to the championship game was on the line. Central Kitsap was playing Shorewood and it was a pitcher’s duel that ended up going 12 innings for a 1-0 victory for Shorewood. Both teams should be very proud, as they battled it out, and give it all they had. However, the game was marred by a small fight that broke out when the game winning run accidently bumped into the pitcher after crossing home plate, when he was celebrating on his way to his teammates (the link is the entire game so fast forward to 1:32:00 to see the fight transpire.) It was broken up pretty quickly though and both teams did shake hands at home plate once heads cooled down.

Baseball is filled with passion and pressure is always higher when the stakes are on the line. I understand that sometimes emotions can get the best of us and we can make a stupid decision every now and then. But we must preach and display good sportsmanship to our youth and when we play this game ourselves. There is always going to be a first place, last place, and every place in between and it’s the teams the want it the most that will see themselves on top. Shake their hands, hold your head up and high, and try again next time. What do you think fighting is going to prove?

OK, enough of the philosophical ranting. Sit back and get ready for some picks that are muy loco (hey look at me go.) As always this is my disclaimer stating I will pick good players who will choose to suck the day I roster them. Enjoy!



James Shields, San Diego Padres, $9,300

Shields has given up some homeruns already this season (15, he gave up only 23 all of last season) but luckily he has limited the damage, giving up 28 ER in 68.1 IP this season. Regression tells me he won’t continue to give up homers at this pace. He likes to pitch at home in spacious Petco Park (3.16 ERA/2.65 xFIP and 28.8 K-BB%) and I like the matchup against the Metropolitans who have an 85 wRC+ against RHP.


Stephen Vogt, Oakland Athletics, $3,600

Vogt has been one of the great fantasy surprises of the season. With a .325/.412/.640 slash line (190 wRC+) against RHP, this looks to be a favorable matchup. Oakland Coliseum can rob hitter of their power which is good news as this game will not be there and Vogt has hit 8 of his 11 HR on the road.

First Base

Mike Napoli, Boston Red Sox, $3,200

Napoli has taken about 6 weeks to finally get warmed up but he has been hot of late. He slashed .242/.361/.516 in May while collecting 7 of his 8 total HR and basically showing up all the doubters (at least for now).

Second Base

Case Utley, Philadelphia Phillies, $2,600

Utley got off to a very rough start but it’s early in the season and he seems to be turning it around going 15-for-38 in his last 12 games including a homer last night. The Phillies draw up Mike Leake who may have a 2.35 ERA against RH but his 4.23 xFIP tells a story of highly possible regression and Leake has tallied a total of 20 ER in his last 19 IP.

Third Base

Trevor Plouffe, Minnesota Twins, $3,000

Plouffe, as well as the Twins, has been on fire recently slashing .312/.381/.570 in the month of May. Plouffe is a pull-hitter, which would be an advantage for him with the green monster in left field along with fake outfielder Hanley Ramirez.


Ian Desmond, Washington Nationals, $3,200

I like Desmond solely upon the matchup against lefty Mark Buehrle. Buehrle owns a league leading 89% contact rate against opposing hitters so far this season and although Desmond has been a bit down this season this look to be a favorable matchup.


Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles, $2,800

An All-Star with a .299/.342/.449 slash line at under 3 K? Si Senor! (Oh he strike again!)

Billy Burns, Oakland Athletics, $3,300

Burns has certainly been able to use that famous speed he is known for, as he has netted 9 SB in 123 PA so far this season. His 5.1 BB% could use some work but he does have a nice line of .352/.378/.451 against RHP. Burns looks to be the starting lead-off man for now with Coco Crisp out of commission.

Justin Upton, San Diego Padres, $4,000

Upton has a ton of power (.234 ISO this season) and surprisingly, Upton is showing more power at home (.307 ISO) in pitcher friendly Petco Park. I’m hoping he can give Shields some run support ensuring two birds terminated with one rocket (this is an expression, no?)

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