Fantasy Baseball Prospect Report – June 2nd, 2015

Baseball is under the youth movement. Here is a list of nine players to watch out for on your fantasy team, In all formats dynasty, keeper or just redraft.

Fantasy Baseball Prospect Report – June 2nd, 2015


#1 Byron Buxton OF Twins

With the twins creeping up on first place, I would not be too shocked to see him finally get the call to the big leagues. He will be an asset to any fantasy team because he can do it all. Even with only a half a season remaining, I could see him with 15 homers and 15 stolen bases. Put a waiver in for him now before it’s too late.

#2 Zach Lee SP Dodgers

Drafted in 2010 in the first round by the Dodgers. He has waited long enough, it is about time they give him a shot in the big leagues. He is 5-3 with a 2.52 ERA so far in triple A Oklahoma City. He is worth a look if he gets a spot start at Dodgers stadium, and I think he will get a shot by the end of June.

#3 Jose Peraza 2nd base Braves

The Braves have nothing to play for while they are rebuilding this season. He has been destroying triple A. He is batting .296 with 14 SB. If you need speed in your fantasy team try and stash this kid, it could help you out in SB for the rest of the season if he gets the call.

#4 Carlos Correa SS Astros

It’s been reported that he should be called up by June 18th or so. Pick him up a week or so before that in every league you are in because this kid is a stud. He should give you help in all five categories.

#5 Hector Olivera 3rd base Dodgers

The trade of Juan Uribe can only mean good things for Hector Olivera’s playing time this season. I could see him moving pretty quickly through the minor leagues. Don’t expect to see him until at least after the all-star game. On his expectations, it’s a wait and see, he may not be worth stashing for that long and losing a roster spot.

#6 Julio Urias SP Dodgers

While I do not see the Dodgers calling him up anytime soon, if you are in a dynasty leagues, try and get him on your roster. He is only 18 and currently playing in double A.  His stats are pretty eye opening for just being 18 : 1-2, 3.00 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, and 46-9 K/BB.

#7 Joey Gallo 3rd base Rangers

He is going to get the call now that Adrian Beltre hit the DL. He is the next huge home run hitter coming out of the minors with potential to hit 40 bombs in a full season. I would pick him up while Adrian Beltre is on the DL. If he hits he could stick in the big leagues and force the Rangers to try and Trade Beltre.

#8 Matt Wisler SP Braves

He could be worth a stash if anyone in the Braves Starting rotation gets hurt and or traded. While they have a pretty solid defense and a great pitcher’s park, he could be called up as a reliever first. He does struggle versus lefties still but despite this he is worth keeping an eye on for your fantasy team.

#9 Steven Matz SP Mets

I keep hearing and reading about how this kid is better than Thor (Noah Syndergaard). He is a lefty with 69 strikeouts in only 62 innings. With the advantage of playing in that great pitchers park the Mets have, I can see why people are starting to drool over him. While they just don’t have a rotation spot for him at all right now, if the Mets make any kind of move with pitching pick this kid up ASAP. You will also want to keep him in any dynasty league or keeper league.