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Should Paul Pogba Leave Juventus?

The French midfielder is arguably one of the most promising talents in world football at the moment. He is only 22 years old and he is already considered to be one of the best all-round midfielders. Should Paul Pogba leave Juventus, or should he stick to the ‘Old Lady’ and learn from the likes of Andrea Pirlo?

Paul Pogba has almost completed one of his most successful seasons as a player to date. Considering he is only 22 and on the verge of winning a treble, one can say that his future is looking as bright as ever.

Juventus defeated Real Madrid 3-2 on aggregate to push through to the Champions League final, which will be played against Barcelona in Berlin on June 6th. Paul Pogba was missing through the first leg but made a comeback from injury to play out the second. He wasn’t at his brilliant best but he did provide an assist for striker Alvaro Morata, to help his team to a 1-1 draw which allowed them to go through on aggregate.

Some would say he is a risky player to have, seeing as he is so young and inexperienced. But he quickly proved all wrong by showing his composure and beautiful calm to his style of play on the ball. He is an audacious player who isn’t afraid do try anything he sees will fit the situation. Such raw and fearless players like him are missing in today’s game.

Before making a decision on Pogba’s future, his agent and club and the player himself will have to look at past proceedings. For example, a player like Thiago Alcantara. His move to Bayern Munich, you could say, was a rash decision, or his love and respect for Pep Guardiola was what lured him to the club.

He moved to Bayern in search of first team football. But, had he waited just a little longer, he probably would have been in the starting line-up for Barcelona this year. It is likely that he would have progressed more as a player because he plays in a similar style to Barcelona; fitting in would not have been a problem. Patience is all he needed, but the need for first team football got the better of him.

It’s not that Pogba is seeking first team football — he’s not — but the lure that major clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid have could be too strong. If he does fall under their spell, what he won’t, but should realize is that clubs like them don’t necessarily ‘need’ him, they just want him because he could be a major asset to have in the future. If he does choose to go to one of the major clubs, he will have to get used to the idea of not getting picked every week. His talent might fade with his lack of playing time, then he and everyone else connected with football will be asking the same question: “Was the money really worth it?”

The 21-year-old recently signed a new deal with the Serie A champions until June 2019 but his representative has stressed that his long-term future does not lie in Italy. However, he should stay at Juventus just for a little while longer. It is important for him to gain more playing experience and increase his knowledge of football if he is to reach his true potential, and then he will be ready to take on a club like Barcelona or Real Madrid. He truly is a great player but moving from Juve will probably hold him back.



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