Shannon Sinn Ready for Invicta FC 13 Opportunity

At Invicta FC 12 Shannon Sinn and Maureen Riordon entered the cage with a score to settle. They had previously trained together before parting ways in 2012. Both fighters have admitted that they did not part on good terms.

After an exciting fifteen minute brawl that saw both women leave it all in the cage, Sinn was awarded the victory with two scorecards of 29-28, and one 30-27 handed in by the judges. The scores submitted were fair. For fifteen minutes Sinn had picked her opponent apart, finding a home for her accurate jab, and utilizing her footwork to ensure that more often than not Riordon missed with her own attacks.

“We knew that good footwork would give her problems. She is a very flat footed fighter and can’t keep up with the angles.” said Sinn when I asked her about her game plan going in to the fight.

“I believed I had the fight won, due to my cleaner striking, the power strikes I landed, I controlled the clinch, and stuck her against the cage when I wanted.

“At that point I thought that I could finally let it all rest. It was a good feeling to finally think I could forgive and just move on.”

At least, that is what should have happened after a convincing win. Riordon did not accept the defeat and took to youtube to make her feelings clear.

According to Sinn, such a public outburst was to be expected.

“Unanimous decision. In interviews I did leading up to the fight I mentioned that she would have some excuse for the loss, she always does. It was expected.”

What made Sinn’s win on April 24th all the more impressive is the pressure she was under going into the cage that night. Not only was there a score to settle with Riordon, but Sinn had lost her previous two fights against tough opposition.

“It was definitely added pressure. I couldn’t lose three straight and there was no way I was going to let it come from her. After the first round I went through a huge adrenaline dump and I felt exhausted. This was a very unusual feeling for me because I pride myself on my cardio. Even out of shape my cardio is usually decent.”

Now with Riordon and Invicta FC 12 firmly in the rear view mirror, Sinn can look to the future and further challenges in the Invicta cage. Ever the perfectionist, she moves on with valuable experience gained from the fight.

“I am happy I got the win but of course I have beat myself up quite a bit about my performance. I am capable of so much more and had been too stubborn in the fight to show it. I am a well rounded fighter but when I go against a striker I get this idea that I need to show that I am better than them at their own game. I am sure I would’ve brought a finish to that fight if I would’ve taken it to the ground.”

All roads now lead to Invicta FC 13 on July 10 in Las Vegas. Sinn is healthy and ready to go, and would welcome the chance to fight any of Invicta’s growing flyweight division.

“I would love to be on Invicta 13. There is no mention of it yet but I am back to training and will be ready in case I get the call. There are so many new faces in the flyweight division. I’d be stoked for any fight.”

Competition to get on the bill is fierce, with only so many spots to go around. Invicta matchmaker Julie Kedzie has one of the most difficult jobs in MMA. Keeping a developing roster of exciting fighters happy cannot be easy. You only have to take a look at how often her name pops up on twitter to see how many fighters are looking for the same opportunities.

“I’m sure every girl on the Invicta roster is trying to get on this card. My manager has let Julie know that I am healthy, training, and want on the card.”

After an impressive victory in one of Invicta 12’s most memorable fights, Shannon Sinn would be a welcome addition to the July show. From her enthralling bout with Riordon, to her refreshingly genuine post-fight interview, Sinn provided one of Invicta FC 12’s lasting memories. Invicta 13 in Las Vegas sounds like the perfect spot for her to create a new one.

Shannon can be followed on twitter @ShannonSinnMMA, and paid special thanks to those who helped her get this far in her career

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