LWOS Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks 04-29-15

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These picks are based off the slate of games starting at 4:05 PM PT/7:05 PM ET and are selected from Fanduel.com

Happy Hump Day folks! It’s been another crazy week in the MLB with Adam Wainwright out for the season with an achilles injury to the Angels-Hamilton debacle that Arte Moreno is handling with the grace of an elephant trying to ice skate. The Astros are in 1st place in the A.L. West and the Nationals are four games below .500. If it wasn’t still April I would have thought someone launched me into “The Twilight Zone.” Oh and Baltimore is going to play an actual game against the White Sox with zero people in the stands. What is this madness!?

Anyway, these are my choices for the LWOS daily fantasy baseball picks edition. As always this is my disclaimer stating I’m not an expert and I usually have no idea what I’m talking about.

LWOS Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks 04-29-15


Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh Pirates $8,800

Cole is off to a fantastic start this season with a 9.85 K/9 rate and a 2.19 ERA supported by a 2.44 xFIP. He has also done a great job of missing bats with a 12.1% swing strike rate. The Cubs may have scary potential but they are also team with an 11% swing strike rate and a league low 73.9% contact rate.


Mike Zunino, Seattle Mariners $2,200

His slash line may be as ugly as 50 Cent’s attempt to throw a ball 40 feet, but the power is real and he’s not hurt (as least as far as I know). But I’m a shameless Mariners’ fan so I will take my chances against a weak lefty in a hitter friendly park.

First Base

Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels $3,200

When I saw Jesse Hahn was pitching against the Angels today I knew immediately I wanted to stack. Hahn has been blessed so far this year (2.12 ERA/4.52 xFIP)  and I believe the Angels are going to put a stop to that. Pujols is my first of a few Angels and he may be off to a slow start but he’s always a threat at the plate. His .193 BABIP suggest some bad luck as well.

Second Base

Daniel Murphy, New York Mets $3,100

Murphy can be a frustrating player to own sometimes but he looks to be getting on a hot streak, as he is 8 for 23 with 4 XBH and 9 RBI in his last 6 games.


Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis Cardinals $2,700

I’m a little shocked that Peralta is to be had at such a cheap price. He will come back down to Earth soon but hopefully that day doesn’t come tomorrow.

Third Base

Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies $3,700

Arenado has declared himself a fantasy darling and is so far living up to that status this season. His .535 slugging percentage to date fits nice in Colorado as it should in hitter friendly Chase Field. As he has shown in the past his plate discipline is fantastic striking out only 6 times in 77 at-bats this season.


Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels $5,400

Easily the front runner for A.L. M.V.P., you know Trout was going to be one of the Angels I was going to stack. It’s phenomenal how great and consistent this guy is, and let me tell you how lucky I am to see him play against my beloved Mariners 19 times a year.

Kole Calhoun, Los Angeles Angels $3,400

Calhoun is my final Angel and is flashing some All-Star like talent so far into the season. His peripherals show some regression (.385 BABIP, 11% swinging strike rate, and 25.5 GB%) but I’m riding the hot bat and I like the lefty-righty matchup as well.

Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers $2,500

Since Yasiel Puig went down on the DL, Ethier has been seeing regular playing time in right field against right hand pitching. Really though, I just needed an affordable third outfielder and Ethier is off to a fine start this season so I’m rolling the dice.

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