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Buy Low Targets to Focus on for Dynasty and Keeper Leagues 2015

This is a list of notable players who will be out for the 2015 season, and who fantasy players should keep their eyes on Keepers and Dynasty leagues—especially if they have any intention on taking home their fantasy league trophy. I’ve always been a huge guy in buying low on players, here is a list of guys i think you should keep your eye out for to stash on the DL.

Buy Low Targets to Focus on for Dynasty and Keeper Leagues 2015

  • Yu Darvish SP

Top 50 pick Yu Darvish is going to have Tommy John Surgery this month, so if you have a dynasty team now it may be the best time to snag him and keep him on the DL all year. Then this time next year he should be ready to go the 2016 version of Matt Harvey.

  • Marcus Stroman SP

Marcus Stroman tore his ACL in spring training 2015, is he worth stashing on the DL all year like Yu Darvish ? no not really. But he is worth picking up right before you keeper deadline and stashing on the DL for next year? Yes. Reason why his injury has nothing to do with his elbow. Not having to rehab the elbow is a plus, that is what makes him a great buy low player in 2015.

  • Jurickson Profar

Here is another guy to draft in the last round of your Dynasty or Keeper league and just stash on the DL all year long. Former #1 top prospect has had two really bad shoulder injures back to back seasons. Still only 22 years old no need to just throw him “Out to pasture” yet, But after two issues with shoulders i would guess him being shortstop for his career is out of the window. Expect him to come back and play second base.

  • Zach Wheeler SP

Another one bites the dust R.I.P  2015 Zach Wheeler. Was a good late round flyer type pitcher, Now he will be a good guy to draft for next years stash on the DL Strategy if you miss out on any of the other players mentioned. Only worry about him if there will be a spot for him when he comes back to New York next year. Mets are stacked with pitching so might come back and have to fight for a #5 spot.

  • Matt Moore SP

Matt Moore will not be missing the whole 2015 season. Hope he can return to form when he comes back in July, you will see Jose Fernandez getting drafted anywhere from the 10th round to the 15th round. Save those draft picks and just take Matt Moore (ADP #401) 10 to 15 rounds later then Jose Fernandez. You should see good value at a way cheaper cost.


Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images


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