Gary Goodridge: “Conor McGregor’s A Little Bitch”

You either love Conor McGregor, or you hate him

In Gary Goodridge’s case, it’s a strong hate.

“Personally, I think McGregor’s a little bitch. I want to smack the s**t out of him.” (0:40)

The former UFC and PRIDE Heavweight is not a fan of McGregor’s cockiness. Goodridge says that fighters should conduct themselves with more pride, the way that Jose Aldo has handled himself.

“Aldo is a champ. He conducts himself as a champ and that’s pleasant for everyone. McGregor conducts himself like an ass.” (0:55)

The UFC has put forth a giant effort to promote UFC 189’s headlining fight between UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. A world tour with stops in Rio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Boston have resulted in the two fighters butting heads.

McGregor has been seen doing many things to get under Aldo’s skin, such as trash talk, ripping pictures of Aldo and even mocking Aldo by holding his championship belt.

Although Goodridge isn’t fond of the Irish featherweight, he understands what it does for promotion, and is excited for the event on July 11th.

“It’s a good fight, it’s got everyone’s blood boiling. You either want to see him kick ass or you want to see him get his ass kicked, and it’s good for sales.” (1:42)

Goodridge is going on a tour of his own in April. “Big Daddy” will be heading to Ohio for a Fan Appreciation tour from April 9th – 12th, doing seminars and meet & greets in Sidney, Huber Heights, Daytona and Piqua.

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  1. Lol @ conor dissing other fighters’ heights – he’s a tiny, tiny 5’9″ man himself.
    Money can’t fix everything…

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