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Fantasy Profile: Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Welcome back to the 2015 Last Word on Fantasy Baseball Guide. Over the next several months we will be releasing player profiles, projections, position rankings, and a number of other articles that will help you dominate your fantasy league this season. Whether you play rotisserie or head-to-head; whether you have a standard draft, a snake or an auction league, and whether it’s keeper league or a one-year deal; we have all the fantasy information you need.

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LWOS Ranking 2, Captains’ Value: $29.07

The star and unquestionable leader of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen is one of the seven wonders of the fantasy baseball world. McCutchen owns a career .299 AVG that is managed by a career 80.5% contact rate. You could point to the career .336 BABIP as a reason for the high average and there is some truth to that, but at only 28 years old and in his prime, it’s not a concern at this point in his career. His plate discipline numbers are solid as well, posting above average K rates (career 16.9%) and BB rates (11.7%).

Andrew McCutchen is one of only a handful of players in the Major Leagues that can hit .300 while also supplying above average power. McCutchen has slugged .449 or higher in every season since his introduction in 2009. In fact, in the last three years, he has averaged a .534 slugging %, which puts him seventh overall for qualifying hitters during that time span. Count on McCutchen to supply you with 20-25+ HR power.

McCutchen has speed and he flies around the bases with his patented long dreads flowing right behind him. He has stolen at least 18 bases every season since 2009 and owns a respectable 74% SB rate. Worried about injuries? You shouldn’t, as McCutchens only time on the DL in his entire career came last year when he was out for 14 games; he was hit by a pitch and fractured a rib. This is baseball and that’s going to happen from time to time.

When you look at a first round draft pick you want as much value and consistency as possible, and McCutchen is as consistent as they come. Draft him, sit back, and reap the benefits.

First Name Last Name Year Team Pos G PA AB R HR RBI SB BB SO AVG OBP SLG OPS
Andrew McCutchen 2011 PIT OF 158 676 572 87 23 89 23 89 126 0.259 0.364 0.456 0.82
Andrew McCutchen 2012 PIT OF 157 673 593 107 31 96 20 70 132 0.327 0.4 0.553 0.953
Andrew McCutchen 2013 PIT OF 157 674 583 97 21 84 27 78 101 0.317 0.404 0.508 0.912
Andrew McCutchen 2014 PIT OF 146 648 548 89 25 83 18 84 115 0.314 0.41 0.542 0.952
Andrew McCutchen 2015 Proj PIT OF 675 577 99 26 89 22 84 117 0.323 0.414 0.548 0.962

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