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Pitchers to target late in A Fantasy Draft

Here are some pitchers to target late in a fantasy draft. Also a little late round draft strategy. Getting value late in your fantasy draft is key.

Getting value late in your fantasy draft can be the difference between winning your league and finishing well down in the standings.  Today we look at some pitchers who can provide value with late round picks.

Pitchers to target late in A Fantasy Draft

  • #1 Kevin Gausman (ADP) #260s

A former first round pick, Gausman took a while to get used to the Show. After last year’s big time performance in the playoffs I have no doubt this kid can make an impact for the price you will spend on him. Draft him as your #5 starter and enjoy the benefits.

  • #2  Ken Giles (ADP) #230s

Electric arm out of Philly just waiting for Jonathan Papelbon to get traded or get hurt. If all the closers are gone and you don’t know what to do, take this kid. Once he gets ahold of the closers job there is no way he will give it back. He may only get 20-25 saves but he also won’t hurt you in ERA or WHIP like other late round closers will.

  • #3  James Paxton (ADP) #260s

If someone snags Gausman right before you can take him, don’t worry I have a backup for you. His name is James Paxton. While he may seem a little riskier than Gausman because of his injury history last year, he’s had  all of the off season to heal. Now you can watch him ring up people from the left side with his fastball that touches 95 MPH. Take the risk on him late and you won’t be sorry.

  • #4 Carlos Martinez (ADP) #280s

He should have won the starting job last year out of spring but they gave the job to Joe Kelly. Now with Kelly pitching in Boston and Shelby Miller in Atlanta, he will get his shot. With how late we are in the draft it’s hard to find a better upside. So take Martinez as your #5 starter and you can thank me later.

  • #5 Jose Fernandez (ADP) #200s

I love to do this in just about every draft I do, select a guy I know I am going to put right on to the DL. Even if he is out until late June or July, he will cost you nothing except a late round pick and a DL slot. Once he comes back you will not be able to find this kind of  production off the waiver wire. Now you will also be able to add one more person people forgot to draft depending on your waiver wire.

  • #5 part 2 Joel Peralta (ADP) not drafted

Now the guy to take after you put Jose Fernandez on the DL. Pick Joel Peralta up off the wire and get those first week or 2 of saves, while Kenley Jansen is on the DL. That should net you 5-10 saves right off the bat. Once Kenley Jansen comes back drop Joel Peralta and start working the wire.


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