Spring Training Players to Target For Fantasy: Infield

Spring Training is now well under way, and there are a number of players to watch. These players are intriguing fantasy options who could help your team this year, but there are some question marks surrounding them. Now is the perfect time to see how many of those questions they can answer. Today we start with the infield.

   Players to Target For Fantasy Baseball

  • Prince Fielder: 1B

If Prince Fielder is healthy, he can hit for power. Before his injury Prince was one of the most reliable players in fantasy baseball. Right now, everyone is scared he will not be able to come back from last year’s injury. I am not one of these people. Before he was hurt, he was a first or second round pick. Now you can get this guy anywhere from 5th to the 7th round. Take him in the 5th round and watch him hit for power in Texas all year long.

  • Hector Olivera: 2B

This is a guy you want to watch where he signs. If he signs with a team that he can play for right away, take him as your last pick in a draft. It might take a month for him to make it to MLB but when he does, watch out. With 2B being not having many high upside guys, why not take a risk on this guy with your last pick. I see this guy being a top-10 2B by the end of the year if he gets playing time. Low-risk/high-reward guys help win championships and we all want to do that this year.

  • Danny Santana: SS/OF

Watch this kid and make sure he bats at the top of the lineup during spring training. Everyone thinks his BABIP was heavily inflated and there is no way he can match last year. I think this guys speed can keep his BABIP at .350 or higher. Now, when he is on base frequently with all that speed we can dream of 40 steals from a SS being drafted in the 150-170 range. With how slim SS is, take Santana at this spot as a backup SS or a MI. You will end up with strong SB totals and a solid AVG.

  • Nick Castellanos: 3B

Watch where Castellanos bats in the lineup this spring as well. If he is batting in the cleanup spot, he should be in a prime spot to get a ton of RBI. Last year this kid had to play at 3B after not playing it in AAA for a whole season. Castellanos was learning on the job last year. I think that really affected his batting. Now with a whole year under his belt and not having to stress about learning 3B at the major league level, his bat will shine this year but it all depends where he bats in the lineup. If you see him batting clean-up pick this guy up. Currently he has an ADP of 312 and you can smile all season long with that great sleeper you picked up.

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