Time for UFC Women’s Division to Shine

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The last few months have not been the most beneficial time for the UFC. Superstars Jon Jones, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva and Hector Lombard have all had recent problems with testing positive for drugs or PED’s. Also, the highly anticipated fight between Vitor Belfort and Chris Weidman has once again been postponed due to injuries. Unfortunately, this was all after the “The Time is Now” press conference and these recent events have not helped the UFC’s situation.

But there’s an opportunity for a positive spotlight to be shown elsewhere: the UFC women’s bantamweight division. Ronda Rousey fights Cat Zingano on the 28th of February at UFC 184 and this could possibly mean big things for the women’s divisions. There is no way of predicting how this fight will go, but Zingano is easily the biggest test of Rousey’s career. Zingano has a crazy mix of brutal (T)KO finishes, dangerous submissions, and she even won one of her fights by slamming her opponent on the mat unconscious when her opponent tried to pull guard. Zingano has been accused of being a slow starter in her last couple of fights, but she was able to come back in both of them and just brutalize both Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes to the point that they broke. Even though Rousey has annihilated every opponent that she has faced so far, many believe that Zingano will be the “baptism by fire” test for Rousey.

Rousey has won most of her fights via armbar, but lately, she has also shown the ability to take out her opponents by knees and strikes on the ground. Rousey’s finish of Alexis Davis was absolutely scary. UFC President Dana White joked around that Rousey should start fighting men if she beats Zingano. White has stated that he really does not know what to do with Rousey if she just keeps destroying her opponents.

There is a good storyline in the fight between Rousey and Zingano. MMA and movie superstar versus the mom that just wants to go home and see her son after her fights. Zingano actually mentioned that to Joe Rogan after her win over Nunes.

Rousey and Zingano have had a clean record during their careers and have not tested positive for PED’s. Hopefully it stays that way. Rousey has been rather vocal against PED use in the Octagon and considers it using a weapon in the cage.

Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington are the co-main event of UFC 184 and there has been quite a bit of hype behind Holm. Should she get past Pennington, Holm could end up being a very popular star in the UFC women’s bantamweight division. The women will take the spotlight on the 28th and if all goes well, there could be some serious light that could be shined on the women’s UFC divisions.

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