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In a Word- Mind Games – Super Bowl XLIX, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Pete Carroll and More

A recap of the Super Bowl that features one word summaries of Super Bowl XLIX's biggest plays, biggest moments, and biggest stars.

It’s time for my recap of Super Bowl XLIX. I loved the game and all the drama that unfolded. Most importantly, I was happy with the result.

Whatever you think about the decision to throw the ball by the Seattle Seahawks, you have to agree that this was an exciting game with one of the most dramatic finishes in Super Bowl history.

There have been many Monday morning quarterbacks that have criticized the Seahawks for calling a passing play even though they had the ball half a yard from the goal line and they also have Marshawn Lynch, arguably the best running back in the NFL.

I believe that you have to give Bill Belichick credit. As the last moments unfolded, he was cool as a cucumber. He didn’t call a time out. He stared ahead, right onto the field of play.

I believe that Belichick got into the mind of Pete Carroll and forced him to try and out think the situation and try to outsmart the Patriots. The last few minutes came down to mind games and Bill Belichick played his cards correctly.  Ultimately that is why the Lombardi Trophy is back in Boston.

The Recap

New England Patriots – Champs

Bill Belichick – Wizard

Bill Belichick – Genius

Tom Brady – Greatest

Malcolm Butler – Hero

The Kearse Catch – Ridiculous

The pass – Idiotic

The Interception – Amazing

Seattle Seahawks – Second

Pete Carroll – Seriously?

Russell Wilson – Close

Pete Carroll – Really?

The pass – What?

Pete Carroll – Huh?

The Pass – Stupid

Super Bowl XLIX – Great

Super Bowl XLIX – Exciting

Super Bowl XLIX – Dramatic

Half Time Show – Entertaining

Super Bowl Commercials – Duds


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