Tottenham Talkline: Aaron Lennon Surplus to Requirements?

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Rumours at Tottenham Hotspur have been circulating like vicious sharks surrounding the future of Aaron Lennon, currently the club’s longest serving player. Fans will undoubtedly miss him, but isn’t Aaron Lennon surplus to requirements?

Let’s face it, Lennon is 27 years old and has only been involved in nine league games out of the 22 played so far. This is a vast difference to the 2012/13 season where he played all but four of 38 Premier League games. He was an important first team player, but now he’s out of favour and running out of time with the club. Inevitably, whether its Hull, Stoke or even Real Sociedad who have all admitted their interest in the faithful Tottenham servant, he’ll be off soon. If not in January, maybe in the summer transfer window.

It’s a shame, for Lennon seemed incredibly promising, especially when Spurs first entered the Champions League. His pace, dribbling and the ability to beat a man proved a major asset for Spurs. However, over time, with managerial changes and a troublesome injury in 2010, Lennon really hasn’t seemed to have progressed. The central predicament in Lennon’s game is his final product, which has been stagnant and ineffective. Sure, he can beat a man, but then the wrong decision will be made and the chance wasted. With managers influencing whether he cuts in or goes outside, Lennon has struggled. Unlike Andros Townsend, who can cut in and shoot with a degree of power and accuracy, Lennon’s shots are powder puffs in comparison. This is confusing as he still often chooses to cut inside. Lennon has the ability to use his pace and lightning feet to infiltrate behind the opponents defence on the outside, so why not ask him to do this? Getting behind the defence usually amounts to a stellar chance. A cross could be whipped across the deck or stood up to the back post for Harry Kane to knock in. It all seems so simple.

He isn’t necessarily a bad player, but he certainly isn’t world class. This is why Lennon isn’t getting time on the pitch which fans adoringly expect him to receive. The past 350 plus appearances seem to merit yet more appearances. This, coupled with his incredible record of Spurs never losing when he’s scored in 29 matches, gives the impression he should always be in or around the first team. But, that’s not how football works. Jimmy Greaves has a few hundred caps but does he still play for Spurs? No.

There’s always a time for a player to leave. Unfortunately, that time is now for Lennon.

Hopefully, he can try to kickstart his career after injuries struck him down when he looked the brightest player in a Spurs shirt. Good luck to him. Lennon doesn’t really live up to a ‘Legend’ title, but he certainly has been a fantastic servant to the club and has brought many memories that fans shall never forget. His highlights include the equaliser in the famous 4-4 draw against Arsenal, playing a vital role in ten Champions League games and of course winning the 2008 League Cup final.  Lennon may soon leave the club, and that is best for all involved, but he will not be forgotten at White Hart Lane.


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