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All I Want For Christmas: Bruins

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is making their Christmas lists – listing everything that they wish to acquire during this holiday season. If you’re a diehard hockey fan however, your Christmas list may consist of things that could potentially improve your favorite teams odds for months to come. That’s exactly what this writer will be doing in this article in which will be focusing on the Boston Bruins.

Bring Back the Big Bad Bruins

An average sports fan would look at the Boston Bruins 17-14-3 record and say, “Well, that’s not too bad.” However, every huge hockey fan knows that the Bruins start to the season is very disappointing – especially considering they were the President Trophy winners last season. One of the biggest factors of the Bruins slow start is the fact that they are not playing their typical Big Bad Bruins style of hockey. The entire team has a lack of life, and the team as a whole has been playing simply boring. There seems to be less passion with the team this year, and everyone knows it takes a tremendous amount of passion to win a Stanley Cup. Maybe the lack of passion explains why they are out of the playoff picture as of right now?

Play the Full 60 Minutes

Hockey is not a game in which you can just go through the motions. It’s one of the most unpredictable sports, so if you’re not on your toes every shift, you will get outplayed 90% of the time. When it comes to the Bruins, this absolutely holds true. One of the most frustrating things is watching a team not play the full 60 minutes, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why the Bruins are losing games. Despite the hurdles the Bruins have had to jump due to injuries, there still seems to be a lack of urgency to play hard every shift. Every shift you waste is one less chance of getting a goal. Speaking of goals…

Put the Biscuit in the Basket

You can’t win hockey games without scoring goals, and that’s becoming apparent with the Bruins. The team is sitting in 20th place in total goals scored with 89, whereas their division rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs stand in first place in goals with 112. In addition to that, the Bruins don’t even have a goal scorer who lands the top 40 goal scorers list so far this season. The entire team has struggled with scoring goals which has fans urging General Manager Peter Chiarelli to trade for a born goal scorer. If only they had a player like Tyler Seguin, right? Oh wait…

A More Consistent Milan Lucic

When Milan Lucic is playing good hockey there is nothing that can get in his way of carrying his team to success. However, when Lucic is playing bad hockey, it seems as if there’s nothing Lucic can do to help the team win. Because of this, it’s causing a lot of trade rumors with Lucic’s name involved. The Bruins don’t have to trade Milan Lucic if he can be worth his $6 million contract every single game. If that’s not the case however, then maybe trading Lucic might be the right option?

Less Penalty Patrice, More Perfect Patrice

Patrice Bergeron is known as the Bruins most disciplined player, as well as one of the most disciplined players in the entire league. With that being said, Bergeron has racked up the penalty minutes this year with 26 penalty minutes. Last season Bergeron posted the most penalty minutes in his career with 43 total penalty minutes. Bergeron is on pace to break last years total PIM’s, and it will also be only the second time he has ever broken 30 total PIM’s. It’s not a serious concern, however Bruins fans would like to see less of Bergeron in the box, and more of Bergeron doing what he does best – being perfect on the ice.

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