NBA Tops and Flops of the Week- Spurs Champions

With the NBA season having come to a fairy tale end for the San Antonio Spurs here is a look around the NBA to determine who has been great (tops) and not so great (flops) in the last seven days for the last time of the 2013-2014 season. Enjoy…

Tops – Spurs Champions

San Antonio Spurs- Thanks to a superb series in the Finals the Spurs won a fifth title in the Duncan Era by beating the Heat 4-1. After such a heart-breaking loss in 2013, revenge is sweet for Poppovich’s side.

Kawhi Leonard- A superstar can elevate his game whenever his team need it the most, and that is exactly what Kawhi did in these playoffs, leading his side to the title. Aged 22, his Finals MVP Award makes him the youngest to win this accolade since Magic Johnson in 1980, and the third youngest of all time.

Tim Duncan- For the Big Fundamental, game 5 of the Finals might be the last ever time he walked out onto the court as an NBA Player. Since 1997 Duncan has taken everyone away with his flawless efficiency and quality, and whether or not he does decide to retire, this fifth championship ring is probably the sweetest of all.

Flops – Heat Relinquish the Title

Miami Heat- After two years of domination, the fourth consecutive NBA Final for this side ended with a loss, and a brutal one; every Spurs victory was by over 15 points, consequently beating the record for biggest point differential in the history of the NBA. 

Lebron James- Following this loss, the future looks unsure for Lebron, who claims he needs a vacation to forget about the disappointing end to the season before making any decisions. Heat fans will be eager to find out what he decides…

NBA Fans- This may have been a great season, full of surprises, highlights and nail-biters. But now, it’s over. That means no NBA basketball for a few months. Luckily, the FIBA World Cup is approaching to cheer up the basketball world.

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