Five Quarterbacks Due for a Breakout Season

Every season, there are a group of quarterbacks who breakout and carry their team. Players like Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, Colin Kaepernick, and more have all done this, and 2014 will be no different. Let’s take a look at the top five quarterbacks who will have a breakout year.

QB Brian Hoyer –Cleveland Browns

Sure, the Browns drafted Johnny “Football” Manziel; however, this is meaningless. Manziel is looking terrible at minicamps, and Brian Hoyer is looking like the starter that the Browns need. Hoyer studied under Tom Brady for years, and he understands the game of football more than most. He is one of the best play callers in the league, and has great control over his offense. Next season, if he can avoid an injury and if WR Josh Gordon can avoid a long suspension, you can expect the two of these players to work together very well to put up some serious numbers.

QB Nick Foles –Philadelphia Eagles

Last season, Nick Foles came in because Mike Vick was injured, and he has since won the permanent starting job for the Eagles. In OTAs, Foles has been amazing. His accuracy looks even better than last season, which is hard to believe, and he is already working well with rookies. So far, he has already formed a very solid relationship with rookie WR Jordan Matthews, and the two are very much on the same page. Matthews is very similar to WR DeSean Jackson; however, he is much faster and has a better build. Because of this, Foles will have a much easier time getting him the ball. Expect them to be a great tandem next season.

QB Matt Stafford –Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford has always been a good quarterback; however, he is starting to look great. With the additions of WR Golden Tate and the newly drafted rookie TE Eric Ebron, Stafford has more targets than ever before. On almost every play at OTAs, Stafford is able to find an open receiver, which should be the story of this season. Stafford has always had very good receivers; however, this is the first time that he has had a complete team.

QB Sam Bradford –St. Louis Rams

Last season, Sam Bradford was injured for much of the year and many feared that he would not return to his former self; however, he is looking as good as ever. (SIA Profile) Bradford has always been good, but he never got the protection he deserved. With the new addition of OT Greg Robinson, you can expect Bradford to have much more time in the pocket, which will give him more than enough time to find WR Tavon Austin quite easily.

QB Andrew Luck –Indianapolis Colts

Last season, Andrew Luck was great; however, his team was incomplete. This will not be the case in 2014. With the resurgence of TE Dwayne Allen in OTAs and the return of Reggie Wayne, Luck will have a great shot to make a very deep playoff run.


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