3 Rounds: Key Players Leading the Way for Ducks and Stars

The home team has won each meeting between the Ducks and Stars so far in this series. With the puck set to drop for game four in Dallas, both teams will look to their superstars once again for leadership.

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Living in an Eastern conference city, top players in the West can often escape the spotlight. The playoffs offer a stage for players to prove themselves across the league, not just their conference.

Look no further than Getzlaf-Perry and Benn-Seguin of the Ducks and Stars. The series is 2-1 in favour of Anaheim, and all four players had a hand in the victories.

On and off the score sheet, they have been leaders in every sense of the word. Getzlaf and Benn are leading their teams in scoring, while Perry ranks second and Seguin fourth. The two captains have been hitting, scoring and defending, while their linemates have been providing the spark to push their teams.

Game two stuck out as what Getlzaf and Perry can bring to the table. They really are franchise players, and Eastern conference fans should feel lucky their teams don’t play them often.

Broken jaw? No problem, Getzlaf will steal the puck and score a beautiful goal in tight. Corey Perry’s on edge and taking Lucic-ian penalties? Don’t worry; he’ll still score a clutch second period goal. The pair has combined for 17 shots, scrapped, and used their size and speed to terrorize the Stars.

As for Benn and Seguin, they have been their team’s best players. In game three, the Stars’ captain scored the critical opening goal after jumping out of the box, while in game one Seguin was a constant pest for the Anaheim defense, scoring the third goal and nearly completing the comeback. 19 shots for the duo through three games isn’t too shabby either.

If it weren’t for great goaltending on both sides, these two sets of snipers could easily have racked up more points. Expect these two duos to be at the heart of their teams’ playoff success going forward and to decide this series.


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