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Carmelo Anthony: Empire State of Anger

Man man man… Those New York Knicks man. A team that was predicted to have a great year is having the complete opposite. Sitting at 21-36, the Knicks most likely won’t even finish with a .500 record this season. The crazy thing about all of this is that this is not a bad team on paper. The Knicks have talent. But when players start to complain and not meet expectations, it’s a bad mixture which leads to failure. And with Carmelo Anthony becoming a free agent this summer, should he leave New York?

Carmelo Anthony: Empire State of Anger

Let’s go ahead and get the obvious out of the way; Carmelo Anthony wants a championship. Its just that simple. If he chooses to stay in New York, there’s no way he is going to get one. He simply doesn’t have the team to win one. When you put up 40+ in three straight games and still lose, you have to realize it isn’t going to work out.

In my opinion, Carmelo deserves better than this. He is a top 10 player in this league. To me, Carmelo Anthony is the best player in the league who doesn’t have a championship. You simply just have to feel bad for the guy. He’s trying his hardest to give his team a chance to win, but his teammates won’t support him. Every time you think it can’t get worse for the Knicks, it does. Dirk Nowitzki’s game winner against the Knicks quite frankly summed up their season. Melo even said it himself, is all of this really worth it?

Melo, it’s time to leave. Sure, the lifestyle in New York may be great, but not for basketball. You deserve to play for a contender. Go to the Lakers or the Bulls. I actually really like the idea of Melo playing with the Bulls. Melo, D-Rose, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Jimmy Butler. Now that is what I call a contender. If Melo does decide to leave, I don’t feel it will tarnish his legacy. The man said it himself; when you want a championship, you just have to do whatever it takes. In the end, I feel he will leave New York. Sorry Spike Lee and other Knicks fans.

By the way Melo, how could you not put a hand up on Dirk on that last shot? C’mon man.

And if you want another reason you should leave, Melo, I’ve got two words: Raymond FELON. Enough said.


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