Jameis Winston Not Charged

After nearly a month of speculation, and weeks of investigation into an alledged sexual assault, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged with sexual assault, state attorney Willie Meggs announced Thursday.

“We have a duty as prosecution to only file those charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction,” Meggs said Thursday. “After reviewing all the events we did not feel we could meet that burden.”

While Winston’s DNA was found on his accuser, Winston’s attorney has maintained that his client had a consensual sexual encounter with the accuser.  Clearly there is not enough evidence to prove otherwise.  It should be noted that Winston’s DNA wasn’t then only DNA found on the accuser either.

Meggs also said that the accuser had trouble remembering the events in question.  He also noted that her BAC was only .04 when it was taken and no evidence of drugs were found in the accuser’s system.

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said the following about Meggs decision:

“As you might imagine, I was pleased to hear that the State’s Attorney’s Office exonerated Jameis in the matter. I’m not going to answer any questions about the situation, but I would like to point out that our community and our university are blessed to have really good people in place to review matters like this. I know Jameis is pleased he can focus on being a student at a great university and he’s excited about helping our team achieve its goals this year. Right now, we’re all looking forward to what we have in front of us on Saturday.


Jameis Winston also released a statement:

“I want to thank my family, friends, coaches and teammates for standing by me during a difficult time. I also want to thank the State’s Attorney’s office for examining all the facts and reaching a decision in a conclusive manner. It’s been difficult to stay silent through this process, but I never lost faith in the truth and in who I am. I’m very relieved I’ll be able to continue my education at Florida State and I’m excited I can now get back to helping our team achieve its goals.”

Winston is the starting quarterback for the undefeated Seminoles who are ranked #1 in the BCS ranking system and both national polls. He is also a leading contender for the Heisman Trophy.

The Seminoles play Duke in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday. Should the Seminoles win, they will be headed to the National Championship.