New Orleans Saints Season, A MUST Win From Here On Out

I could’ve never imagined I’d be writing another article about the New Orleans Saints losing yet another game.There are no words to express the sheer disaster that happened on the west coast. Feels like someone punched me in the gut, taking every bit of my breath from me.I felt the life drain right out of me after the Cliff Avril sack on Drew Brees early in first quarter that forced a fumble and a 22 yard return for a touchdown by Seahawks M.Bennett.That was the beginning of the end for the Saints.

I’ve heard it all today, from New Orleans got crushed, demolished, dominated, rolled over and stomped. All of which can not be disputed. The Saints ultimately allowing Seattle to finish the first half with 315 yards was the most New Orleans has allowed since 2005 against Minnesota. Brees’ nine game Monday Night Football win streak was broken and the MVP quarterback was held to a mere 23/38 for only 147 yards FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.

Jimmy Graham was covered heavily by K.J. Wright, only putting up 3 catches for 42 yards? Where is the backup plan? Didn’t they learn anything from the New England loss and how teams are going to find a way to shutdown Graham if not hold him to the least amount of touches possible . Don’t they have another tight end or two? Watson and (I hate to say) Hill have come through in past why always depend so heavily on Graham.Learn to be more versatile, thats going to have to be the key to success these last four games if we even have a snowballs chance in hell.

New Orleans totalled 188 yards for the game, where Seattle put up a remarkable 429.The Saints had the advantage coming into this with a better pass game . Apparently Pete Carroll believes in the art of making his players watch film, and studying film.Holding each and every player accountable for knowing what their job is and giving them each and every viable opportunity to improve that position each and every week.Guess there’s a method to such madness,with Wilson himself rushing for 47 yards on 8 carries and total yards completed 310 and 3 touchdowns . Wilson averaged 10.3 yards per attempt where Brees was only 3.9.Seattles D proved fierce, with K. Chancellor leading what proved to be the almighty Legion of Boom.

Now New Orleans face not only a loss on the road,they also face losing their chances of homefield advantage. Plus a delay in getting home,and  a short week. Also they face a red hot Carolina Panthers on an eight game win streak. This is a division rival who as New Orleans does, holds their destiny’s in their own hands at this point. This Saints team is faced with the unpleasant prospect of dealing with the young , energetic quarterback in  Cam Newton, who as of late had been a force and a definite threat to all who have faced him.

Again I can not stress enough if New Orleans can’t get a run game going at some point , or come up with a different plan of action, all they have worked for will be for nothing.The Saints have to do a better on every front if they plan on proceeding any further on their quest for the ultimate victory, the Lombardi.

In closing  maybe a song verse to rally the troops (my boys) New Orleans Saints. …Verse from Amazing by Kanye West featuring 2 Chainz….

“I’m amazing , yea I’m all that , if I ain’t on my grind than whatcha call that?  Victorious , yea we warriors , we make history , and we strive off victory”                  2 chainz

As always I’m ride or die no matter where are season takes us, but I’d much rather ride the wave to the Superbowl instead of having our playoff chances die with Carolina.   -Who Dat

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