The Ever-Changing Face of Tim Kennedy

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport unlike any other. It encompasses more arts than any other mainstream sport in the world and is therefore more likely to attract people from all walks of life. Tim Kennedy is one of these people.  He is a man blessed with a sense of humor so outlandish and dry that one is often left scratching their receding hairline in wonderment.

Tim Kennedy is a man of many faces. The first face is a UFC fighter who bleeds for his family, fans and company. There is also the Special Forces Operator who is self described as “Unapologetically American”. Then there is another side to Tim Kennedy. This side:


Tim Kennedy has a lighter side, albeit a dry, dusty “50% less sodium” type of lighter side.  Whereas many fighters talk legitimate trash about one another and engage in risque humor and pranks on Twitter, Tim is perfectly happy to play the “creepy Dad” role.  He tweeted during the UFC 167 broadcast this past weekend “I resent @sonnench for having such great hair right now.” and “GSP is going to walk out in an Affliction shirt… Someone should tell Canada those shirts suck.”

Tim is finally starting to gain steam after two consecutive wins in the UFC’s middleweight division including his most recent win via KO over Rafael Natal in front of his fellow servicemen and women on Fight for the Troops 3, and his sense of humor could be helping to endure him to his fans.

What do you think? Do you find Tim Kennedy’s brand of humor funny?  Is it something that can help him gain a bigger following in the sport? How can UFC and other promotions encourage their fighters to show more personality outside of the ring?  Feel free to leave your comments below.


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